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This web page has been created to provide public access to the information held by Hastings District Council that relates to the odour from the operations of Te Mata Mushrooms and the adjacent rural and urban housing

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HDC Submission to Hawke's Bay Regional Council 

Hawke's Bay Regional Council has published the resource consent application lodged by Te Mata Mushroom

It announced yesterday (May 12, 2017) that:
Te Mata Mushrooms Company has developed a new plan to address ongoing odour issues from its Havelock North factory.The plan is outlined in its resource consent application to the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, which is being publically notified tomorrow. Last May Te Mata Mushroom Company pleaded guilty to discharging offensive and objectionable odour from its property in Brookvale Road. It was fined $15,000 and issued an enforcement order directing the company to submit a new resource consent application that includes conditions to address the odour issues and the manner in which odour will be controlled. In the application, Te Mata Mushroom Company outlines its plans to deal with odour from its factory, including introducing staged odour treatment improvements. It is proposing to incorporate these improvements into the expansion of its operation.

The public has until 12 June 2017 to make a submission.

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Documents relating to Te Mata Mushrooms' application for consent to extend operations


Assessment of Resource Consent Application by the Hawke's Bay Regional Council (consent number DP100128A)

This assessment of the application for the discharge of contaminants from a composting and mushroom growing operation at Te Mata Mushrooms, 174 – 176 Brookvale Road, Havelock North. This application was lodged on 26 February 2010 and the assessment report is dated 13 April 2011, which concludes by recommending that consent be granted, subject to 22 Consent Conditions. Consent was granted on 13 April 2011 for a period expiring on 31 May 2025 (DP100128A)

Transfer of Resource Consent (DP100128A)by the Hawke's Bay Regional Council  

On 6 November 2012 the Resource Consent (DP100128A) was transferred from Te Mata Mushrooms Limited to The Te Mata Mushroom Company Limited. No other changes were made to the consent at this time

Te Mata Mushrooms Odour Source Assessment by Beca Infrastructure Ld

This is an assessment prepared by Beca Infrastructure Ltd for Te Mata Mushrooms Ltd on 24 February 2010. It was submitted by TMM as part of their Resource Consent application to the Hawkes Bay Regional Council. This report identifies the sources of odour at the composting plant on the TMM site, the extent of odour mitigation currently in place, and the additional odour measures for the site that could be implemented

Sentencing Indication by CJ Thompson, District Court Judge/Environment Judge


A prosecution of The Te Mata Mushroom company Limited by Hawke's Bay Regional Council at Hastings on 30 March 2016. This is the sentencing indication from the Judge, Mr Thompson

Reverse sensitivity assessment for Arataki re-zoning proposal by Jacobs New Zealand Ltd 

This is the assessment of the potential reverse sensitivity effects of a proposed zoning change in the Hastings District Plan, as they relate to odour from the Te Mata Mushrooms Co Ltd operations. This assessment was undertaken on a desktop data collection and review phase to provide preliminary advice on the reverse sensitivity effects of the proposed rezoning at Arataki road (the Arataki extension). This report was completed in May 2015

Assessment of separation distances – Te Mata Mushrooms by Tonkin and Taylor Ltd

This is an assessment of recommended separation distances between Te Mata Mushrooms and future sensitive activities including:

  • Discussion about the need for separation distances to avoid adverse effects of odour
  • A summary of published guidance on separation distances from mushroom farms to mitigate amenity effects of dust and odour and avoid reverse sensitivity effects
  • A review of Arataki extension meteorological data
  • A summary of findings of a previous site visit
  • Recommendations of appropriate separation distances between Te Mata Mushrooms operations and sensitive activities or zones providing for residential activities
  • Preparation of maps showing separation distances overlayed on an aerial plan showing the proposed development areas


Technical review of the application to HBRC by Te Mata Mushrooms Ltd. Report from Ron Pilgrim Consulting.

Technical review of the application to HBRC by Te Mata Mushrooms Ltd. Report from Ron Pilgrim Consulting.

This report provides a review of the consent application (DP100128A) to assess if any further information is required under Section 92 of the RMA, the appropriateness of the methods used by the Company, and conclusions reached with regard whether the effects of the activity are likely to be more than minor. This report is dated June 2010.                                                                          

Report to the HDC Planning and Regulatory Committee reviewing possible alternative greenfields sites for consideration in the HPUDS review

This is an assessment of 9 possible residential greenfield sites being considered for inclusion in the Heretaunga Plains urban development strategy. A potential shortfall in residential land supply as a result of difficulities in delivering the proposed Arataki extension and other issues triggered this review

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