Cape Coast emergency trial sign

If you live in Te Awanga, Haumoana or Clifton, chances are you will have seen a new sign on Beach Road.

Our Emergency Management team is trialling the sign which would display warning messages for those entering the Cape Coast area during an emergency.

When closed the sign displays a Hastings Civil Defence logo. When opened, three yellow reflective message strips are displayed, which can be changed to reflect the emergency.

The sign at Cape Coast

The sign compliments the existing public alert systems for residents on the Cape Coast. These include the stinger mobile alerting system (broadcasts the civil defence sting and a voice message), phone trees and point phone contacts.

If the feedback is favourable, permanent signs will be installed on the Haumoana side of the Tukituki River and at the intersection of Raymond and Tukituki roads.

Proposed locations for Cape Coast emergency trial sign

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