Volunteer Rural Fire Fighters

Hastings Rural Fire Authority currently has 200 volunteers and 13 rural fire units supported by four paid staff providing emergency response and community safety programmes throughout the rural Hastings district.

The Council also does a lot more than fighting fires, it is involved with:

  • Motor vehicle crashes
  • Medical assistance including oxygen and defibrillator
  • Education programmes
  • Community Safety, including Firesmart and many local community activities.

Become a volunteer rural fire fighter

We are always on the lookout for suitable men and women to join our Volunteer Fire Force.

The rural fire stations are staffed by dedicated people who commit their time and considerable effort into ensuring that their neighbourhoods have the best fire protection possible.

All rural fire stations conduct regular training sessions and crews are also expected to attend specialist training courses on weekends when required.

The knowledge and satisfaction of caring, in a very practical way, for your own community, of bringing help to your neighbours when they really need a hand, makes the commitment well worthwhile. It is sometimes a dangerous and dirty occupation, but working as part of a trained, disciplined team is something which few people nowadays have the opportunity to do.

If you would like to be a part of this organisation and feel you could commit the time and energy to the service, contact us:


Contact a Rural Fire Officer at the Hastings District Council for more information on phone (06) 871 5000 or email emo@hdc.govt.nz

Make a contribution to your community and you will make new friends, learn new skills and be part of the Hastings district volunteer team. 

Call 871 5000 for more information.