What is a Variation?

A variation is a change to a proposed plan that is prepared by a council.

Does a Variation have legal effect when considering an application for resource consent?

Clause 16B(2) First Schedule RMA provides that a variation has some effect on notification.  Caselaw on Cl16B(2)  confirms that the correct approach is:

  • That the Proposed Plan provisions are disregarded, regardless of what stage they are at;
  • That the Variation is afforded weight according to how far through the RMA process it is (for instance, if it has just been notified and awaiting submissions, minimal weight is applied; if a decision has been made, the Variation is afforded closer to equal weight to the Operative Plan etc);
  • That the Operative Plan is applied and given less weight as the Variation moves through the process.

Active and Completed Variations

Link to Iona Residential Issues and Options Paper 2016

No. Nature of Variation Status Parts of the plan affected
Variation 1

Omahu Road Variation & NoR

HDC has prepared a variation to the Proposed Hastings District Plan and an associated Notice of Requirement (NoR).  The proposed Variation seeks to rezone some 63 hectares of land from a Plains Zone to a General Industrial Zone on the northern side of Omahu Road, Hastings. 

The NoR is to designate land for an infrastructure corridor that provides the water, waste waste and stormwater infiltration basin to service a proposed General Industrial Zone.  

Date Notified: 21 May 2016

Submissions on Variation 1 and NoR closed: Mon 20 June 2016

Further submissions closed 5pm, 29 July 2016

Hearing held 1 Dec 2016

Decisions notified 25 March 2017

Section 2.9 

Section 14.1 

Section 30.1 

Section 6.2 

Appendices 17, 36 and 66

Planning Maps and Legend

Variation 2 

Irongate Industrial Variation

Variation 2 seeks to rezone some 118 ha of land from the current Deferred Industrial and Plains zone to a General Industrial Zone. The land affected by the Variation is located is located just west of Hastings city, around the junction of Irongate Road East and Maraekakaho Road.

Date Notified: 16 July 2016

Submissions closed:  Fri 12 Aug 2016

Further submissions closed 24th September 2016

Hearing held 2 Dec 2016.

Decisions notified 25 March 2017

Planning Maps
Appendix 16

Appendix 26
Section 2.9 
Section 6.2  
Section 14.1 
Section 26.1 
Section 28.1 
Section 30.1 
Section 33.1 

Variation 3

Howard Street Residential Variation

The proposal is to rezone 21.2 hectares of land from its current Plains Production zone to a General Residential zone in between Howard St and Havelock Rd and adjoining the existing Residential land on the southern side of Hastings city.

Date Notified: 16 July 2016

Submissions closed:  Fri 12 Aug 2016

Further submissions closed 16th September 2016

Hearing held 16 Dec 2016

Decisions notified 25 March 2017

Planning Maps

Appendix 80

Section 2.4

Section 7.2

Section 25.1

Section 26.1

Section 30.1