Traffic island height being reduced

Traffic islands designed to slow traffic in Joll Rd in Havelock North have worked to get speeds down, however some modifications will be made.

The four islands were installed last year after residents living along the road asked Council to do something about drivers travelling the road at speeds higher than the limit.  Islands worked by narrowing the road width, thereby encouraging drivers to slow down to negotiate the bends around them.

Traffic surveys before and after the installation of the islands showed that cars were now travelling at between 48kmh and 52kmh, down from an average of nearly 60kmh.

An audit of the work was commissioned by Hastings District Council in the wake of concerns from residents that they were not happy with the design of the traffic calming measures.

At issue was that the islands were not ‘mountable’; with the centre piece having a sheer vertical face of 200mm. Where appropriate, mountable traffic islands are designed to allow vehicles to travel over the edges of them. This gives drivers more room for error when driving around them.

Council has confirmed that it will reduce the height of the centre pieces to 100mm and add sloped edges to ensure they are mountable. Work on that will start this week.

Other recommendations in the report, including trimming back trees and shrubs on some corners and putting in safety fences between the cycle/walkway and the road, have already been completed.