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Glamping tent at HoY
10 March 2017

There are still two days to go at Horse of the Year – and they are the best days. One of its biggest fans, Horse of the Year board chairwoman Cynthia Bowers, is urging locals to get along for a look. She has some very good tips for newbies as well. “If I had never been before I would first have a wander around the stalls (there are lots for the non-horsey as well as a huge food court) and then park myself in the grandstand and watch the competition in the main ring.

Romanes Park pop up sprinkler
10 March 2017

The Level Three water restrictions have been lifted today – meaning there are now no longer any bans on outdoor water use in the Hastings district. As usual at this time of year the level is set at one, which asks that people be aware of water use and conserve as they are able. This is a condition in Hastings District Council’s resource consent issued by Hawke’s Bay Regional Council.

Flaxmere's 'Front Row'.
10 March 2017

A man tackling obesity “head on” by helping a bunch of very overweight dads trim down is keen to make the most of the opportunities that will come out of the new Hawke’s Bay Community Health and Sport Centre. The focus of the programmes run from the facility being built at the Hawke’s Bay Regional Sports Park will be to bring research-led health programmes to the people of Hawke’s Bay. It is envisaged that 85 per cent of the users will be members of the general public – young and old.

Flaxmere chlorine-free tap
7 March 2017

The chlorine-free taps will be back on by 6pm tonight (March 7). On Friday the taps were temporarily turned off after water test results showed the filters were not working as well as desired. At the time they were turned off, Hastings mayor Lawrence Yule said Council had acted "out of an abundance of caution", turning the taps off and conducting further tests. Since Friday the configuration of the filters and taps had been changed, and further tests carried out.

The treatment plant for Brookvale Bore 3.
6 March 2017

Brookvale Bore 3 will be turned on tomorrow morning at 9am (March 7). The water has been fully tested and the treatment process has been approved by the health authorities. Approval to use the water supply has been given by the Joint Working Group and the Government Inquiry panel which is investigating the Havelock North water contamination in August which led to the shutdown of bores 1 and 2. Hastings mayor Lawrence Yule said the news the tap would be turned on tomorrow was “excellent”.

3 March 2017

Hastings' chlorine-free public taps have been turned off temporarily tonight.  The move has been triggered by water test results received late this evening that show the chlorine-removing filters are not working as well as desired.  "In-line devices such as carbon filters are known to create these results. It could be teething problems but we want to make sure we address the issue," said Hastings District Council's asset manager Craig Thew. "Out of an abundance of caution" Council wanted to conduct further tests, said Hastings mayor Lawrence Yule. The three taps, in Havelock North, Hastings and Flaxmere, were brought on-line over the last two weeks to provide treated water that had the chlorine removed by filters just before the taps.

Jackie Clark at the Big Easy stage.
3 March 2017

This Easter Saturday, April 15, hundreds of riders are expected to saddle up for the fifth annual Big Easy cycle ride on the Hawke’s Bay Trails wrapping up with a concert at Church Road Winery where ‘The Easy Riders’, featuring Jackie Clarke, Annie Crummer, Suzanne Lynch and Rikki Morris, are set to take the stage and help celebrate The Big Easy’s fifth birthday. We are thrilled to announce a stellar line up for this year’s Big Easy concert including local talent ‘Hidden Agenda’ and singer/songwriter Ian Munro kicking the party off at 2pm, followed by a one-off collaboration of ‘The Easy Riders’.

Flaxmere Park
3 March 2017

Hastings District Council is encouraging residents to make a special effort to get into a park this week. Parks Week (March 4 to 12) is managed by the New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA) and Parks and Leisure Australia and is designed to help councils raise awareness of public spaces. In Hastings there are events happening in parks over the week, including International Cultures Day at Cornwall Park (March 4), petanque at Frimley Park (March 4, 8 and 11), and Qigong – Give it a Go (March 8).

1 March 2017

The karanga calling about-to-be-New Zealanders into their citizenship ceremony this Thursday will be hailing the largest group Hastings has ever hosted. One hundred and fifteen people from 14 different countries will pledge their oath or affirmation and become citizens of New Zealand. Citizenship ceremonies have traditionally been held every second month by Hastings District Council, occasionally more often to cope with demand, with a maximum of 30 per ceremony. To cope with numbers the ceremonies will be held monthly from now. The saying of the oath or affirmation at an approved Citizenship Ceremony marks the moment at which the applicant becomes a New Zealander.  

Havelock North's gum tree with its new protective fence.
28 February 2017

A wrought iron fence especially made to protect Havelock North’s much loved gum tree has been installed. It is one of the last pieces of the Havelock North Village Green development to be put in, as an official opening celebration nears. The exact date for that opening has not yet been set as it relies on water restrictions being eased so the first-of-its-kind in Hawke’s Bay water play feature can be turned on, and to enable landscaping to be watered. It is expected to be held in late-March.