Section 32 reports & background material

Under Section 32 of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA), any proposed district plan must be accompanied by an evaluation that assesses:

  • the extent to which each objective is the most appropriate way to achieve the purpose of the RMA
  • whether the proposed policies and methods are the most appropriate way in which to achieve the objectives in terms of their efficiency and effectiveness and their benefits and costs

Undertaking a Section 32 evaluation assists in determining why changes to existing plan provisions may be needed and formalises a process for working out how best to deal with resource management issues in the Hastings District.

These Section 32 reports will assist you to understand the process that was followed in arriving at the objectives, policies and methods in the Proposed Hastings District Plan.

Section 32 Overview Report

The overview report outlines the process and documentation that informed the review of the District Plan. It references the strategies and plans that have significantly influenced the content of the Proposed District Plan. The report explains the key steps in the review process and the major influences such as Council’s vision for the District and the desire to align appropriate provisions with those of the Napier District Plan. It also explains how the structure of the Plan was developed.

 Section 32 Overview Report 840 KB


Size PDF

 5.2 Rural Zone 599 KB
 5.3 Rural Residential Zone 586 KB
 5.4 Tuki-Tuki Special Character Zone 714 KB
 5.5 Nature Preservation Zone 672 KB
 6.2 Plains Production Zone 652 KB
 6.3 Plains Settlement Zone 547 KB
 7.2 Hastings Residential Environment 1 MB
 7.3 Hastings Commercial Environment 1 MB
 7.4 Regional Hospital Zone 539 KB
 8.2 Havelock North Residential Environment 1 MB
 8.3 Havelock North Rural Residential Zone 597 KB
 8.4 Te Mata Special Character Zone 677 KB
 8.5 Havelock North Village Centre 842 KB
 9.2 Flaxmere Residential Zone 732 KB
 9.3 Flaxmere Village Centre 782 KB
 10.2 Clive Whakatu Residential Zone 745 KB
 10.3 Clive Suburban Commercial Zone 521 KB
 11.2 Haumoana Te Awanga Residential Zone 927 KB
 11.3 and 12.4 Waimarama and Haumoana Te Awanga Suburban Commercial 463 KB
 12.2 Coastal Settlements Zone 742 KB
 12.3 Waimarama Settlement Zone 663 KB
 13.1 Open Spaces Environment 713 KB
 13.2 Hawke's Bay Regional Sports Park 502 KB
 14.1 Industrial 707 KB
 15.1 Natural Hazards 692 KB
 16.1 Waahi Tapu Dwa 427 KB
 17.1 Natural Features and Landscapes 951 KB
 17.1 Natural Features and Landscapes Addendum to Section 32 Report 451 KB
 18.1 Heritage items and Notable Trees 888 KB
 19.1 Riparian Land Management 365 KB
 20.1 Indigenous Vegetation and habitats of Indigenous Fauna Dwa 650 KB
 21.1 Papakainga Dwa 732 KB
 22.1 Network Utilities 655 KB
 23.1 Renewable Energy 576 KB
 24.1 Activities on the Surface of Water 536 KB
 25.1 Noise 642 KB
 26.1 Transport and Parking 558 KB
 27.1 Earthworks, Mineral, Aggregate and Hydrocarbon Extraction 683 KB
 28.1 Advertising Devices and Signs District Wide Activity 646 KB
 29.1 Hazardous Substances and Genetically Modified Organisms District Wide Activity 920 KB
 30.1 Subdivision 701 KB
 31.1 Designations 528 KB

Background material

Some of the Proposed Hastings District Plan provisions have been based on supporting background material that has been produced in the last few years. The following documents and links may be useful for understanding some of the changes to the Plan. These reports have also informed the relevant Section 32 reports above.


Size PDF

Hastings Residential Character Zones (Section 7.2 of the Proposed District Plan):  
 Hastings Built Character Assessment  5 MB
 Hastings Residential Streetscape Assessment 5 MB
Hastings Central Residential Commercial Zone (Section 7.3 of the Proposed District Plan)  
 The Central Residential-Commercial Zone Character Assessment  1.3 MB
Havelock North Residential Environment (Section 8.2 of the Proposed District Plan):  
 Proposed Havelock North Residential Character Zones: Peer Review – Eastern Earth Landscape Architects, July 2012 1 MB
 Supplementary Report – Review of Havelock North Residential Zone Boundaries – McHardy Street and Plassey Street, by Eastern Earth Landscape Architects (August 2013) 67 KB
 Havelock North Survey & results 240 KB
Nature Preservation Zone (Section 5.5 of the Proposed District Plan):  
 Cape Kidnappers – Ocean Beach Nature Preservation Zone Landscape Review by Terra Forme (August 2013) 2 MB
Natural Features and Landscapes (Section 17.1 of the Proposed District Plan):  
 Review of Landscape Areas and Implications for Plan Review, by Boffa Miskell, April 2013  142 MB
 A Maori Cultural Review of Outstanding Natural Landscapes, Ipurangi Developments Limited (February 2013) 627 KB
Heritage Items & Notable Trees – Queen Street and Russell Street Historic Areas (Section 15.14 of the Proposed District Plan):  
 Queen Street East Historic Area Assessment by Chris Cochran, Conservation Architect & Michael Fowler, Historian 960 KB
 Russell Street Historic Area Assessment by Chris Cochran, Conservation Architect, & Michael Fowler, Historian 1.3 MB
 Hastings Urban Issues and Urban Design Framework  
 Havelock North Village Framework for future development  
 Flaxmere Urban Design Framework  
 Heretaunga Plains Urban Development Strategy  
 Central Character Precinct Sign Guide  
 Hastings Heritage Inventory Project  
 Hastings CBD Architectural Heritage Design Guide