Rural Halls Maintenance Fund

The Rural Halls Maintenance Funding scheme is designed to assist with the building maintenance of halls in the rural and plains areas of the Hastings District. It does not cover ongoing operational costs or capital development.

The policy for funding is, as a general rule, that applications for more than $500, a maximum of 50% of the project cost, will be funded. It is expected that the applicant will fund the other 50%.

For projects requesting less than $500.00, it is up to the discretion of the Rural Halls Subcommittee as to what portion of the monies will be granted.

Marae may no longer apply for this fund. See Marae Development Fund for marae funding.


Priorities of work for building maintenance

The Rural Community Board has adopted the following priorities of work for building maintenance, to use as a guideline in assessing applications to the Rural Halls Maintenance Fund.

Priority 1: Work required for health and safety, for example:

  • Improvement or treatment of contaminated water supply
  • Replacement of dangerous wiring
  • Work on unsanitary plumbing
  • Work to provide compliance with safety from falling Maintenance of food preparation surfaces in kitchens

Priority 2: Work required to prevent further deterioration of the building fabric, for example:

  • Replacement of roof or other work to render the building weatherproof
  • Exterior repainting or repairs to exterior cladding especially timber cladding and joinery
  • Repiling

Priority 3: Work required to maintain imperviousness of floor and walls to service areas.
Please note: Work to food preparation surfaces would be included in Priority 1.

  • Replacement of vinyl flooring to service areas
  • Painting of walls, ceilings to service areas

Priority 4: Work to maintain appearance in other spaces

  • General flooring replacement
  • General repainting and redecoration


For further information contact the Grants Administrator on (06) 871 5000.