Refuse Transfer Station fees

Hastings District Council's refuse transfer stations are totally user-pays. This means only the people who use the transfer stations will be paying for their operation, not ratepayers in general.

Green waste charges are much lower than mixed waste, so there’s an extra incentive to separate your green waste and recycle as much as possible.

Henderson Road Transfer Station

The way you pay for rubbish and green waste disposal at Henderson Road is changing. All rubbish and green waste will be charged by weight and no longer by vehicle size (i.e. car, small trailer, large trailer etc).

You will be charged on a per tonne basis for the weight of the rubbish and green waste dropped off at the site. The weight will be calculated by weighing all vehicles (including trailers) in and out of the transfer station.

Remember - the heavier the load the more you pay.

Rubbish is to be charged by weight at a rate of $161.00 per tonne (including GST) (as of 3 August 2015). A minimum charge of $12 (including GST) applies to rubbish. These charges include the Government Waste Levy and Emission Trading Scheme charges. 

Green waste is to be charged by weight at a rate of $86.25 per tonne (including GST). A minimum charge of $8 (including GST) applies to green waste.

Public weighing is charged at a rate of $12 per weigh (including GST).

Black Bridge Transfer Station

The Blackbridge Transfer Station is privately managed and operated by Phoenix Contracting Ltd (though HDC still owns the facility). No commercial quantities of waste or recyclables are accepted at Black Bridge. 


Domestic waste

Green waste

Car/station wagon 15.00 10.00
Small trailer, ute, van 40.00 20.00
Medium trailer, ute, van 60.00 35.00
Large trailer, ute, van  85.00 45.00