Protected trees in Hastings and Havelock North

Outstanding trees Havelock North 

Ref. no. Map no. Common name               Location  Significance
T1 71 (see also
Bluegum St Columba’s Church L & H
T2 71 (see also
Pin Oak St Lukes Church L & H
T3 71 English Oak Presbyterian Support Services, Te Mata Road L
T4 71 Pin Oak 116 Te Mata Road  L
T5 71 English Oak Hereworth School (Row of trees along Te Mata Road) L
T11 71 Pohutukawa  72 Duart Road B
T12 71 Pin Oak 68 Duart Road L
T13 71 Pin Oak 3 Duart Road L
T14 76 Scarlet Gum Keirunga by Homestead B
T15 76 English Oak Cemetery L
T16 76 Blue Cedar 12 Reynolds Road B
T17 76 Camphor Laurel                      Grayson property cnr Iona &
Breadalbane Rd
T139 71 English Oak 51 Duart Road  H
T140 71 7 Italian     Cypress Trees 8-14 Busby Hill H
T141 71 Pin Oak 35 Simla Avenue L & H
T142 76 Peppercorn Tree 21 Keirunga Road B
T143 71 English Oak Cnr of Sportsfield at Lucknow School L & H
T144 71 Incense Cedars 30 Te Mata Road H
T145 64 Walnut 114 Crosses Road B
T146 76 English Oak Opposite 16 Toop Street L & B
T147 63 2 English Oaks 250 Havelock Road B
T148 63 Elm 180 Havelock Road H
T149 56 Magnolia 8 Flanders Road, RD2 H
T150 56 Elm 8 Flanders Road, RD2  H
T151 56 Bay Tree 8 Flanders Road, RD2 H & B
T152 56 Oregon 8 Flanders Road, RD2  H
T153 56 Redwood 8 Flanders Road, RD2 B
T154 56 Osage Orange 8 Flanders Road, RD2 H & B

Outstanding trees Hastings


Ref No Map No Common Name            Location Significance
T20  47  Tortuosa Willow  Cornwall Park B
T21   47 Dawn Redwood Cornwall Park B
T22   47 Totara Cornwall Park B
T24  47 Atlas Cedar Cornwall Park B
T25    47 Weeping Elm Cornwall Park B
T26 47 Common Lime Cornwall Park B
T27 47 Pagoda Tree Cornwall Park B
T29 47 Californian Big Tree Cornwall Park L
T30 47 Swamp White Oak Cornwall Park B
T32 47 Common English Oak Cornwall Park B
T34 47 Maidenhair Tree Cornwall Park B
T35 47 Himalayan Cedar Cornwall Park B
T36 47 Redwood Cornwall Park L
T37 47 London Plane Cornwall Park B
T39  55 American Sweet Gum Queen Square B
T41   55 Swamp Cypress Queen Square B
T42  55 Common English Oak Queen Square H
T43   55 Pin Oak Queen Square L
T44  46 Red Honeysuckle Frimley Park B
T45 46 Ironbark Frimley Park B
T46 46 Camphor Frimley Park B
T48 46 River Sheoak Frimley Park B
T49 46 Hawthorn Frimley Park B
T50 46 Red Oak Frimley Park B
T51 46 Necklace Poplar Frimley Park H
T52 46 Chinese Hawthorn Frimley Park B
T53 46 Common Elm Frimley Park B
T54 46 Common English Oak Frimley Park B
T55 46 Big Cone Pine Frimley Park B
T56 46 Japanese Cedar Frimley Park B
T58 46 Holm Oak Frimley Park B
T59 46 Kurrajong Frimley Park B
T60 46 Common Horse Chestnut Frimley Park B
T61  39 Plane Tree  “Flaxmere” Omahu Road L
T62 64 Willow Oak  “Eastella” St Georges Road B
T63 39 English Oak Karamu Trust, Ormond Road B
T64 39 Canary Island Pine Karamu Trust, Ormond Road L
T65 39 Tulip Tree Karamu Trust, Ormond Road B
T66 39 Golden Ash Karamu Trust, Ormond Road B
T67 39 Shellbark Hickory Karamu Trust, Ormond Road B
T68 39 Himalayan Spruce Karamu Trust, Ormond Road B
T69 39 Sitka Spruce Karamu Trust, Ormond Road B
T71  14 Mediterranean Cypress “Okawa”, Fernhill B
T72 47 Tupelo Tree Lindisfarne College B
T73 47 Red Horse Chestnut Lindisfarne College B
T74  55 Chinese Yulan Tree  Scannell, 420 King Street North B
T75  55 Silver Magnolia  Scannell, 420 King Street North B
T76  18 Blue Gum Tuki Tuki Station H
T78  22 Copper Beech Ormlie Lodge, Waiohiki B
T79  22 Chusan Palm Ormlie Lodge, Waiohiki B
T80 22 Bunya Bunya Ormlie Lodge, Waiohiki B
T81 22 Moreton Bay Fig Ormlie Lodge, Waiohiki B
T82  22 Blue Haze Tree Ormlie Lodge, Waiohiki B
T83  22 Common English Oak Ormlie Lodge, Waiohiki B
T84  22 South American Pepper Tree Ormlie Lodge, Waiohiki B
T85  39,40 Common English Oak Oak Avenue H
T86  39,40 London Plane Oak Avenue H
T87 39,40 Common Elm Oak Avenue H
T88 39,40 Common Lime Oak Avenue H
T89 39,40 Himalayan Cedar Oak Oak Avenue H
T90 39,40 Californian Big Tree Oak Avenue H
T91 39,40 Copper Beach Oak Avenue H
T92 39,40 Redwood Oak Oak Avenue H
T93  23 Mexican Pine “The Rise”, Waiohiki B
T94  23 Moreton Bay Chestnut “The Rise”, Waiohiki B
T95 23 Australian Silky Oak “The Rise”, Waiohiki B
T96  23 Brown Pine “The Rise”, Waiohiki B
T97  23 Prickly Paperbark “The Rise”, Waiohiki B
T98  23 Copper Beach “The Rise”, Waiohiki B
T99  23 Tulip Tree “The Rise”, Waiohiki B
T100  23 Titoki “The Rise”, Waiohiki B
T101 63 Bartram’s Oak 1205A Louie Street B
T102  46 Wych Elm “Stoneycroft”, Omahu Road B
T104  46 Common Horse Chestnut “Stoneycroft”, Omahu Road B
T105 46 Himalayan Cedar “Stoneycroft”, Omahu Road B
T106 46 Pin Oak “Stoneycroft”, Omahu Road B
T107 46 Lawson Cypress “Stoneycroft”, Omahu Road B
T108 46 Common English Oak “Stoneycroft”, Omahu Road B
T109 46 Douglas Fir “Stoneycroft”, Omahu Road B
T110 46 Californian Big Tree “Stoneycroft”, Omahu Road L
T111 47,48 Cottonwood Waikoko Showgrounds L
T112 47,48 Red Horse Chestnut Waikoko Showgrounds B
T113 47,48 Californian Big Tree Waikoko Showgrounds L
T114 47,48 Common English Elm Waikoko Showgrounds B
T115 47,48 London Plane Waikoko Showgrounds L
T116 47,48 Radiata Pine Waikoko Showgrounds L
T117 47,48 Copper Beech Waikoko Showgrounds B
T118 47,48 English Beech Waikoko Showgrounds B
T119 47,48 English Beech Waikoko Showgrounds L
T121 35 Purple Beech/Copper Beech 136 Main Road, Clive B
T122 35 Japanese Maple 136 Main Road, Clive B
T123 335 Canary Island Date Palm 136 Main Road, Clive B
T124  59 Corynocarpus laevigatus 28 Kuku Street, Te Awanga B
T125 59 Pohutukawa 28 Kuku Street, Te Awanga B
T126 59 Puriri 28 Kuku Street, Te Awanga B
T127 59 Southern beech 28 Kuku Street, Te Awanga B
T128 59 Rewarewa 28 Kuku Street, Te Awanga B
T129 59 White Pine 28 Kuku Street, Te Awanga B
T130 59 Pohutukawa 28 Kuku Street, Te Awanga B
T131 17 White Elm Greenhill Lodge, Raukawa H & B
T132 17 Spanish Fir Greenhill Lodge, Raukawa H & B
T133 17 Japanese pagoda tree Greenhill Lodge, Raukawa H
T134 17 Medlar Greenhill Lodge, Raukawa H & B
T135 17 Holm oak Greenhill Lodge, Raukawa H
T136 17 Almond Greenhill Lodge, Raukawa H & B
T 137 55 English Oak Mayfair School, Willowpark Road L,H, B 
T 138 63 Wellingtonia 180 Havelock Road, Hastings L, H, B
T155  47 Scarlet Oak Cornwall Park H
T156 47 English Elm Cornwall Park H
T157  46 Southern Magnolia “Stoneycroft”, Omahu Road H
T158 46 Redwood “Stoneycroft”, Omahu Road H
T159  65 Totara 324 Te Mata/Mangateretere Road L, H,B
T160  41 Stand of English Oaks Otene Road, HDC Road Reserve L
T161  46 Stand of Cypress Trees Orchard Road, HDC Plant Reserve L
T162 63 Gum Hastings Boys’ High School L & H
T163  54 Kowhai 210 Gascoigne Street L
T164  55 Rimu Queens Square H
T165  55 Oak Queens Square H
T166  55 Cedar of Lebanon Queens Square H
T167  47 Pin Oak Mahora School(behind school hall) L
T168  47 Elm Mahora School(behind school hall) L
T169  54 Holm Oak 705 Charles Street B
T170  54 Magnolia 19 Francis Hicks Avenue B
T171  29 Bunya Pine Gregory Park, Clive L
T172  55 Redwood Cnr Caroline Road & Frederick Street L
T173 55 Poplar Cnr Caroline Road & Frederick Street L
T174  63 Pair of English Oaks 130 Havelock Road L
T175  11 Loquat 2100 Puketitiri Road H
T176  11 English Oak 2100 Puketitiri Road H
T177  63 Redwood 229 Havelock Road L
T178  11 English Oak Arohiwi Station, RD4 H

Significant trees in Havelock North

Ref No Map No Common Name                  Location Significance
T179 76 Kashmir Cypress 20 Toop Street B
T180 76 Cedar 10 Selwyn Road H
T181 71 Magnolia 80 Napier Road L & H
T182 71 Cedar 81 Havelock Road L
T183 71 Cedars 97 Havelock Road L
T184 71 Liquid Amber 97 Havelock Road L
T185 71 Claret Ash Campbell Street (between Duart &
Chambers Street)
T186 71 Chinese Flame Tree Opposite 61 Napier Road in Median Strip. B
T187 71 Stand of Scarlet Oaks Karanema Drive Road Reserve B
T188 76 Firewheel Tree 63 Kopanga Road B

Significant trees in Hastings

Ref No Map No Common Name               Location Significance
T189 46 Kauri 530 Hart Drive B
T190 48 Redwood 5 Waipatu Settlement Road RD2 H
T191 48 English Oak 66 Otene Road H
T192 48 Totara 66 Otene Road H
T193 47 Conifer 818 Ragiora Street  H
T194 63 Redwood 249 Havelock Road L
T195 45 Oriental Plane 122 Portsmouth Road, Flaxmere H & B
196 55 Kauri 416 St Aubyn Street West H & B

L:  Trees of important local or landmark significance because of height, size or location.

H:  Trees of historical value because of their age and/or the person who planted them or because they
commemorate important historical events.

B:  Trees of special botanic interest because of their scarcity or uniqueness, or because they are a
particularly good example of their species.