Proposed Residential Growth 2016

Proposed Iona Residential Growth Area

The Iona area of Havelock North has been identified for residential growth for several years.

In a bid to address population and household growth in Havelock North, Council is preparing to re-zone land in the Middle and Iona Road area for housing.

In July 2016 Council released, for public comment, an ‘Issues and Options Paper’ which outlined three possible options for re-zoning land in this area. 

Many residents took the time to comment on this paper, with council receiving comprehensive feedback from more than 34 individuals and groups.  A summary of the issues and concerns raised in the comments received can be viewed here.

Council is currently considering all of these comments which will assist in determining a best option to re-zone land in this area for housing.  The extent of the re-zoning area is yet to be determined, and can’t be finalised until a best option is identified and initial infrastructural investigations have been completed.  Once a best option is identified, structure planning can begin.  The Structure Plan shows where main roads, reserves and infrastructure services will go and whether the development will be staged.

Council will continue to discuss this process with the community, and it is anticipated that the next public consultation opportunity will take place in the New Year.  An update will be sent out to all those who made comment on the issues and options paper prior to the Christmas break.  Updates will also be posted to this page of the website.

Read our latest Iona Working Group Newsletter for an update on the proposed Iona residential development. 

If you would like to learn more about the proposal and get involved please contact the Environmental Policy team on 871 5000, or