Proposed Residential Growth

Proposed Iona Urban Growth Area | Draft Structure Plan 

The Iona area of Havelock North has been identified for residential growth for several years. In a bid to address population and household growth in Havelock North, Council is preparing to re-zone land in the Middle and Iona Road area for housing.

As part of the rezoning process Council needs to prepare a Structure Plan.  A Structure Plan shows the extent of the development area and where roads, reserves, walkways and main Council infrastructure services will go.  

Council staff have been preparing a draft Structure Plan with specialist input from Isthmus Group (landscape and urban design consultants).  Prior to this, significant background investigations have taken place to help shape the Draft Structure Plan.  Details of these investigations are included below.

Council’s Draft Structure Plan for the Iona Urban Growth Area is outlined below.  It is a more detailed structure plan than Council has produced previously, given the unique landscape within which this area sits, and the desire to retain many of the existing landscape features that the local community identify with and value.

We are seeking feedback on this Draft Structure Plan, which will be used to shape the future of Hastings’ newest proposed urban growth area.  Information on how to provide feedback is also outlined below. 

Objectives for the Iona Urban Growth Area 

The following objectives have been developed as goals or outcomes sought to be achieved through the rezoning of this area:

  • a place that adds value to Havelock North;
  • recognition that this is an opportunity to create innovative land development responses to this unique environment;
  • a quality environment that reflects best practice urban design outcomes; 
  • development provisions that shape the Iona Growth Area and seek to achieve HPUDS objectives - uses land efficiently, while creating a high quality residential community; and
  • a structure plan that is developed in a collaborative manner and reflects the above objectives.

Draft Structure Plan purpose

The purpose of the Draft Structure Plan is to guide and direct development to achieve the stated outcomes for the Iona Urban Growth Area.

Detail regarding how Council proposes to manage residential development within each of the four proposed residential neighbourhoods that form the Iona Urban Growth Area is outlined below.

The Iona Urban Growth area is considered a special environment, therefore the Draft Structure Plan will ensure many of the characteristics of the area that are valued by the local community are retained.  

The unique landscape features of this area - the bull hill, the central ridge and valley landform incorporating the ponds and wetland areas are important components of this new residential area, and will provide easily accessible recreational opportunities for existing and new residents.

View the Proposed Residential Development update here.

The Bull Hill Neighbourhood will include:

  • a grid pattern of tree-lined streets that connect with a focal point open space area;
  • an average lot size of 600m2;
  • mixed lot sizes suitable for a range of house types – large single houses, townhouses and duplexes or terraced housing; 
  • various lot layouts:
    • larger lots  - located on corners and along Iona and Middle Roads; and
    • smaller lots - located internally within the neighbourhood, opposite the Bull Hill open space, or on a primary tree-lined road to gain additional amenity;
  • a small commercial node that allows for a maximum commercial space of 50m2 with 50m2 of outdoor dining space with: 
    • a maximum of two tenants – i.e. a café and/or general grocery store;
    • control over signage, hours of operation, sale of liquor, building design and interface with the Bull Hill open space and Iona Road; and
    • ancillary residential activities allowed. 

The Middle Ridge Neighbourhood will include:

  • a curved main spine road with a rural character and treatment;
  • a middle ridge open space area and walkway loop track with a public walkway and maintenance vehicle access to Lane Road;
  • predominantly larger site sizes 700m2- 2000m2 with an average site size of 900m2within area A;
  • a transition site size of a minimum of 1000m2 within area B, located between the proposed rezoning area and existing rural residential properties on Lane Road.
  • larger lots located on corners and fronting the main spine road;
  • no more than three small sections  (site size of between 350m2-600m2) shall be located within any one lane; and
  • smaller section sizes to be interspersed with larger sized sections and located in the middle of the residential blocks.

The Upper Plateau Neighbourhood will include:

  • a fixed lot layout and building platform locations with maximum of 20 residential properties; and
  • significant planting of the steep slopes which will screen the new residential area from adjoining properties.

The Breadalbane Avenue Neighbourhood will include:

  • retention of the existing Breadalbane Avenue alignment and rural treatment;
  • protection of some of the existing characteristics of the neighbourhood, such as existing landscaping and variable approach to building location;
  • a lower density than the existing Havelock North Character Residential Zone (700m2 minimum);
  • development which results in stormwater neutrality;
  • provision of a pressurised sewer main along the existing Breadalbane Avenue alignment; and
  • individual pressurised sewers for each new residential site.

How to provide feedback and where to from here

Have your say on the Draft Structure Plan by:

  • Attending the Public Open Day:
    Wednesday 16 August,  11am – 7pm
    Havelock North Function Centre, Magdalinos Room, 30 Te Mata Road, Havelock North;
  • Filling in the online form at; or
  • Clicking here to download a feedback form. Completed forms can be emailed to or dropped in to Hastings District Council’s Customer Service Centre on Lyndon Road East, Hastings.

Please provide feedback by 5pm, Monday 4 September 2017.

Any comments and feedback received will be considered and help shape the final version of the Structure Plan.

The final version will be included in the rezoning proposal which will be available later this year.  You will be able to make a formal submission on the rezoning at this time.

Council will make an application to the Environment Minister to adopt a Streamlined Planning Process for the rezoning of this land. Information on this process is available here.

If you have any questions about the Draft Structure Plan or proposed rezoning of land at Iona, please contact either Anna Summerfield or Anna Sanders in the Environmental Policy team on 871 5000 or or

Background information

Environment Court Appeal

An Environment Court Appeal was received for a portion of the land proposed to be rezoned.  Late in 2016, a Working Group was set up to encourage discussions between the parties involved in the Environment Court Process.  The Working Group members agreed to work cooperatively for the long term benefit of the Iona area and Havelock North as a whole.  The project outcomes mentioned above, were established by the Working Group along with the adoption of a design led process as part of investigating options for rezoning this area. The work completed by the Working Group has been instrumental in shaping the Draft Structure Plan.

The two project newsletters released by the Iona Working Group can be viewed below:

Iona Issues and Options Paper

In July 2016 Council released, for public comment, an ‘Issues and Options Paper’ which outlined three possible options for re-zoning land in this area.  Many residents took the time to comment on this paper, with Council receiving comprehensive feedback from more than 34 individuals and groups. A summary of the issues and concerns raised in the comments received can be viewed here.  These comments have been used by Council and the Iona Working Group to shape the Draft Structure Plan.