Proposed Hastings District Plan Appeals

Appeals to the Environment Court are listed in the table below.

Maps identifying appeals for requested rezoning and scheduled sites can be viewed in the following PDFs:

  1. Hastings Area (PDF 992kB)
  2. Havelock North Area (PDF 893kB)
  3. Haumoana/Te Awanga/Whakatu Areas (PDF 748kB)
  4. Irongate Area (PDF 454kB)
  5. Whirinaki Area (PDF 394kB)
  6. Te Hauke Area (PDF 374kB)
  7. Search via appellant for appeals relating to requested rezoning and scheduled sites.

If you have any queries about any of the appeals please contact Anna Sanders, Senior Environmental Planner (Special Projects) on

Appellant Name

The Appeal

Status of Appeal

Advance Properties Group Ltd (2)
Advance Appeal withdrawn
Apatu Farms Ltd (4,fs13)
Apatu Appeal resolved by consent order 12 December 2016 (site specific)
Ballance Agri-Nutrients (9,fs27)
Ballance   Appeal on hold
Bates, Martin Paul  (fs32) 
Bates   Appeal Resolved by Consent Order 28 April 2017
Bell, Andy (Trading as Design Builders) (13) 
Bell   Appeal withdrawn
Bourke, Michael (16)
Bourke   Appeal on hold
Bradshaw,Wayne (17)
Bradshaw Appeal resolved by consent order 12 December 2016 (part of Section 8.4)
Brownrigg Agriculture Group Ltd (19)
Brownrigg Appeal resolved by consent order (site specific)
Bunnings Limited (20,fs65)
Bunnings Appeal resolved by consent order 9 September 2016 (part of Sections 7.5 and 28.1)
Carr Group Investments Limited (formerly Maraekakaho Properties Limited) (157,fs305)
Carr   Appeal on hold
Contact Energy Limited (36,fs98)
Contact Appeal resolved by consent order 21 November 2016 (part of Section 25.1)
Drillers Poultry Farm (George Davies and Neville Charles Goldie Trading as Drillers Poultry Farm) (46,fs130)  ENV-2015-WLG-000092 Drillers   Appeal resolved by consent order 12 December 2016 (site specific)
ERL Investments Limited (formerly Crasborn ERL Limited) (38)  ENV-2015-WLG-000085 ERL   Appeal resolved by consent order 12 December 2016 (site specific)
Evans Family Trust (56,57,fs140)
Evans   Appeal withdrawn
Farmers Transport (2015) Limited(60,fs143)  ENV-2015-WLG-000082 Farmers Appeal resolved by consent order 3 October 2016 (part of Sections 5.2, 6.2 and 33.1)
Federated Farmers of New Zealand (61,fs144)  ENV-2015-WLG-000053 FedFarmers

Partial consent order 14.10.16
Partial consent order 21.11.16 (part of Section 2.3, 5.2, 6.2, 17.1, 19.2 and 27.1)

Remaining appeal point pertaining to Genetically Modified Organisms on hold

Foodstuffs North Island Limited (66) 
Foodstuffs Appeal resolved by consent order 12 October 2016 (part of Sections 7.3, 8.5 and 9.3)
Graeme Lowe Properties Limited and Lowe Family Holdings (77)  ENV-2015-WLG-000061 Lowe   Appeal on hold
Hall, S and J
Hall   Appeal Resolved by Consent Order 28 April 2017
Hansen, W (Haupouri Partnership) (90, fs195)  ENV-2015-WLG-000079 Hansen  
Horticulture New Zealand (115, fs227)
HortNZ Appeal resolved by consent order 1 November 2016 (parts of Sections 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.8, 2.9, 2.10, 5.2, 6.2, 27.1 and 33.1)
House Movers Section of the New Zealand Heavy Haulage Association Inc. (116)   ENV-2015-WLG-000073 Housemovers Appeal resolved by consent order 7 December 2016 (relocated buildings affecting 13 zones)
JE Lowe and Lansdale Development Limited (122, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, fs281)  ENV-2015-WLG-000062 JLowe   Appeal on hold
K Stone, K and D Whiting,J Boyes (132)  ENV-2015-WLG-000065 KStone   Appeal withdrawn
Kahuranaki Station Ltd and Caroline Greenwood (133, 134, 79)  ENV-2015-WLG-000090 Kahuranaki Appeal resolved by consent order 2 June 2016 (site specific)
Longview Group Holdings Limited (150)
Longview   Appeal resolved by consent order 12 December 2016 (site specific)
Maungaharuru-Tangitu Trust (163)
MTT Pending Environment Court Hearing
Meridian Energy Limited (172, fs325)

Partial consent order 6 October 2016 (parts of Sections 5.2, 20.1, 22.1, 23.1, 25.1, 27.1, 30.1 and 33.1)

Final issue resolved by way of withdrawal - appeal now fully resolved

Mike Walmsley Limited (173,174,fs556)
Walmsley   Appeal on hold
Navilluso Holdings Limited (187, fs345)
Navilluso   Appeal on hold
New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters Incorporated and Hawkes Bay Amateur Radio Club (199)  ENV-2015-WLG-000063 RadioClub Appeal resolved by consent order 5 August 2016 (parts of Sections 33.1 and 22.1)
New Zealand Wool Services International Ltd (fs353)
WoolServices Appeal withdrawn
Ngati Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated (195, 196, fs356)  ENV-2015-WLG-000055 Kahungunu

Partial Consent Order 15.12.16 (parts of Sections 2.4, 3.1, 21.1, 33.1 and throughout Plan as per Annexure B of consent order)

Partial Consent Order 29.3.17 (Heretaunga Plains Unconfined Aquifer)

Appeal now fully resolved

Ocean Beach Wilderness Property Ltd, Ocean Beach Land Holdings Ltd, Tennyson OB Ltd and Andrew Lowe (204, 206, 258, 151, fs363)
Progressive Enterprises Limited (220, fs404)  ENV-2015-WLG-000071 Progressives Appeal withdrawn
Raikes, Peter (216, fs413)
PDF Appeal resolved by consent order
Raymond Road Zoning Change Society Incorporated (140, fs318)
RaymondRd Appeal withdrawn
Renouf, David (227)
Renouf Appeal Resolved by Consent Order 29.3.17
Roil, John (229, fs432)
Roil Appeal on hold
Te Aute Holdings JV Ltd (252)
TeAute  (site specific) Appeal on hold
Te Awanga Downs Family Trust (253, fs501)  ENV-2015-WLG-000064 TeAwangaDowns  (site specific)  
The Chief of New Zealand Defence Force (189, fs348)
NZDF Appeal resolved by consent order 29 June 2016 (across the zones - temporary military training activities)
Transpower New Zealand Limited (269, 270, fs528)
Transpower Appeal resolved by consent order 19 September 2016 (parts of 13.1, 22.1, 33.1, Appdx 68, Fig 8 & Map legend)

GA and SJ Cornes Partnership (trading as Golden Oak) - ENV-2016-WLG-000032

Golden Oak   Appeal withdrawn
Bayley & Others ENV-2017-WLG-000045 Variation 1 Omahu Industrial

Appeal resolved by consent order 29 August 2017 

Navilluso Holdings, Tumu Timbers, Carrfields Investments & M Walmsley ENV-2017-WLG-000046 Variation 2 Irongate Industrial  
Karen Cooper ENV-2017-WLG-44 Variation 3 Howard St Residential