Proposed Hastings District Plan (Notified Version) 9 Nov 2013

The District Plan sets out the strategic direction and rules that manage land uses and subdivision in the Hastings District. All local councils are required to review their district plan every 10 years under the Resource Management Act

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Proposed Hastings District Plan (Notified Version) has now been superseded by the Proposed Hastings District Plan (DECISIONS version) which is available here.  The Proposed Hastings District plan (Notified Version) is still applicable for the Omahu Road North Industrial Zone, as no decision has been issued on this aspect of the plan.

Original and Further submissions

The ability to make a submission on the Proposed Hastings District Plan has now closed. Read the original and further submissions


Hearings for original and and further submissions were held at the Hastings District Council Chambers between July and May 2015.

The hearings schedule is available here

Key parts of the Proposed Hastings District Plan 

  • Each place will now have a tailor-made set of rules that take into account the unique qualities of that place instead of having a general set of rules across the whole Hastings District. This is referred to as "place based planning"
  • Residential character zones in  Hastings 142 KB and  Havelock North 169 KB recognise areas of high character and amenity value and have rules to protect these attributes 
  • The creation of zones in  Flaxmere 876 KB to enhance the residential and Village Centre environments
  • Residential zones in  Haumoana and Te Awanga 271 KB tailored to these coastal locations 
  • Stronger rules around building on the  Heretaunga Plains 270 KB to protect the versatility of the soils
  • Nature Preservation Zone at  Cape Kidnappers and Ocean Beach 207 KB
  • The concept of sustainability which is an integral part of council's vision for the Hastings District

Rules with immediate effect

Section 86B(3) of the Resource Management Act 1991 states that certain rules of a Proposed District Plan take immediate effect from the date of notification. This applies where rules protect or relate to water, air, or soil (for soil conservation); protect areas of significant indigenous vegetation; protect areas of significant habitats of indigenous fauna; protect historic heritage; or provide for or relate to aquaculture activities.

As such, the following rules of the Proposed Hastings District Plan have immediate effect from 9 November 2013:

  • Section 18.1 Heritage Items and Notable Trees:
    • Rules and Assessment Criteria relating to listed Heritage Items in Appendix 47 and 48 and the Historic Areas listed in Appendix 51
    • Rules relating to Notable Trees that are listed with a 'H' classification (trees of historical value) in Appendices 52 and 53
  • Section 16.1 Waahi Tapu – all rules
  • Section 7.3 Hastings Commercial Environment - Rules CC-R10-R18 to the extent that assessment criteria,, and are triggered, and then only in the Central Character Precinct
  • Section 19.1 Riparian Land Management and Public Access District Wide Activity - Rules RM1, RM2, insofar as assessment criterion 19.1.7 identifies the area as significant
  • Section 20.1 Indigenous Vegetation and Habitats of Indigenous Fauna – Rule IN2, Rule IN3. Rule IN1 and IN4, insofar as assessment criterion 20.1.7A identifies the indigenous vegetation or habitat of indigenous fauna as significant

The remaining rules (not mentioned above) will take effect from the date that decisions on submissions were publicly notified and a new version of the Proposed District Plan ‘as amended by decisions on submissions’ is released.

Status of the Objectives & Policies

The objectives and policies of the Proposed Plan have some effect from the date of notification (9 November 2013). When considering a resource consent the objectives and policies of the Proposed Plan are required to be considered alongside the objectives and policies of the Operative Plan. The weighting to be given to the objectives and policies in the Proposed Plan relates to the degree that they have been subject to challenge through the submissions and appeal process.

The Full Proposed District Plan (Notified Version) is available here