Contractor Prequalification

Hastings District Council maintains a list of prequalified contractors for larger physical works such as road construction, sewer construction and water works. Other work (such as routine maintenance, electrical work or CCTV inspections etc) is normally handled under separate maintenance contracts.

Prequalification is aimed at simplifying the tendering process and reducing tendering costs. It is an alternative procedure for HDC physical works contracts that would normally be let under the lowest price conforming or price quality methods.

Prequalification The prequalification process consists of contractors being assessed over a range of quality criteria and then being registered for specific types and sizes of work. HDC tenders will specify a minimum prequalification level and only contractors who are prequalified to at least the specified level will be able to submit a tender.

New Prequalifications can be made at any time. Send applications to

Prequalification for Vehicle Crossings

Contractors are invited to apply for Prequalification onto Hastings District Council’s Prequalified Contractors list for the construction of Vehicle Crossings. The application process is set out in the HDC Prequalification for Vehicle Crossings Procedure Manual.

Contractors who have already prequalified for roading related Prequalification Categories do not need to apply, as they automatically qualify.

Further information

If you have any further questions please contact Ansonica Botha on (06) 871 5000 or