Rotary Pathways

The pathways project is a regional initiative aimed at linking Hawke's Bay cities and coastal townships via recreational walkways and cycleways for individuals, families and tourists.

Hastings district Rotary Clubs have chosen this project to celebrate 100 years of service to the community by Rotary International. The Rotary Centennial Pathways Trust oversees construction of the pathways.

The pathway towards Bay ViewRotary clubs in Hastings district (Hastings-Karamu, Hastings, Stortford Lodge and Havelock North) and the Hastings District Council are spearheading the project. Napier City Council continues to work with the combined Rotary Clubs of Napier on its various stages of walkways and cycleways surrounding Napier City.

The Pathway is aimed at improving on-road and off-road facilities for walkers, joggers and cyclists within the District. It is a comprehensive plan for the next 10 years designed to encourage families and tourists to see our District and region the recreational way.

The project is supported by the Hawke's Bay Regional Council. Many of the pathways will traverse land controlled by the Regional Council which will also provide long-term maintenance for many parts of the pathways when complete.

Mapping the way

Pathway map
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This is a 10-year comprehensive project. The objective is to link Napier, Hastings, Clive, Havelock North and the Tuki Tuki river ending in an integrated system of cycleways and pathways through the Heretaunga Plains.

Construction and Costs

Pathway surfaces vary depending on the terrain. Along the top of stopbanks for example, the surface is likely to be compacted limestone while in other areas broad concrete paths are used.

While funding has been secured for the first stage of pathways, further donations are sought for all future stages.

The Hastings District Council will factor pathways or cycleways into its plans when any roading construction or upgrading takes place in the district.

Transit New Zealand will also support various stages of the project where there is a direct safety benefit.

How can you help?

There are many ways you can be part of shaping the future pathways of our District...and be remembered for it!

The uniqueness of this project is that future generations will also have a well documented history of the people and the organisation who backed a truly special recreational opportunity for locals and tourists alike.

By purchasing naming rights for lengths of pathways, lighting, shelter areas, exercise areas, maps, signage and drinking fountains, you will help to bring us that one step closer to our goal. Plaques will be created with your name so that countless users of the Pathway will see your involvement for years to come.

The Rotary Centennial Pathways Trust will be approaching corporations and locals for support.

If you are interested, please contact Graham Thomas on, phone 06 877 6151, or write to:

The Rotary Centennial Pathways Trust
PO Box 1336

Alternatively, you can make a donation by downloading the application form below and posting your donation.

Donations are tax deductible and cheques should be made out to the Rotary Centennial Pathways Trust.