Pam O'Keefe

Family Support

Pam O’Keefe is the administrator at Te Aranga Marae, a member of the Kai Collective Food Bank and a vital component of the Flaxmere Boxing Academy.  Considered by many Flaxmere residents as the ‘Mother of Flaxmere’, Pam makes all visitors to Te Aranga Marae feel at home. 

Pam’s compassion goes well beyond the day-to-day running of the marae; she puts her heart and soul into operating the facility to ensure it offers the best place for our whānau and visitors to the region.  She strives to provide a safe haven to welcome and connect with families when they are down, or at their wits end with stressful and challenging health and social situations.  Families frequently drop in to meet and discuss their problems with Pam, who provides much needed support.  

Pam, with her husband Henare, have fostered more than 200 children over 30 years and facilitated the successful reintegration of prison inmates back into the community.

The Hastings District Council would like to recognise Pam for her empathy and dedication to the families of Flaxmere.