Over weight and over dimensional vehicles

If you have a non-standard vehicle - one that is heavier or larger than most, you may need to get special permission to drive it on our roads.

Make an application

Overweight loads are trucks or transportation devices that exceed the maximum permitted weights of vehicles on roads (Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations 1974). You will need to apply for a permit to drive these vehicles on our roads.

To apply to drive on our roads, complete the NZTA Overweight Permit Application

This is an interim arrangement while Hastings District council collects sufficient bridge information to allow permit processing by NZTA and consolidation of overweight permit management in Hawke’s Bay.

How much will it cost?

  • New continuous or area $180
  • Single or multiple trip permit (including linked permits) $120

All charges exclude GST.

Where identical permits for multiple vehicles are applied for at the same time, you will only be charged for one permit.

How long are the permits valid?

  • New continuous or area up to a maximum of two years unless otherwise specified
  • Single trip up to a maximum of seven days
  • Multiple trip up to a maximum of one month 

When are permits not issued? 

Because of alignment and gradient constraints as well as shallow and fragile underground services, permits are not issued for overweight vehicles to travel on the following roads in our region:

In rural areas:

  • Area Road From To Tutira Darkey’s Spur Road Start End and Maraekakaho Burma Road Cattle Stop Top of hill

In urban areas:

  • Area Road From To direction
  • Hastings Karamu Grove Victoria Southbound


For more information contact our Transport Engineer on phone +64 6 871 5000 or email council@hdc.govt.nz