Organic Waste

Organic waste

The 2016 Solid Waste Survey has revealed that the average Hastings household throws away 2.9Kg of food waste every week (151Kg per year)!  Learn how you can reduce the amount of food waste you throw away HERE.


            Food waste

Food waste contributes to approximately half of our weekly household rubbish. It is a serious issue in landfill as it breaks down over time and creates toxic leachate, methane gas and leads to land subsidence. You can greatly reduce your food waste by ensuring you purchase only what you’ll consume. Alternatively, there are methods of recycling your food scraps and unwanted edibles. Composting, worm farming and using a Bokashi system are all methods of keeping food waste out of your council orange bags.

            Green waste

Green waste is another common name for garden waste. This covers grass and flower cuttings, hedge trimmings and tree clippings. For more information, click on the image below.


Composting is a common and simple solution to recycling garden waste and certain types of food waste. As organic waste makes up approximately half of the refuse in our council orange bags, diverting as much food and green waste as possible will not only save you money on rubbish bags, but will also help to slow the rate of landfilling.

Start your own compost heap:

  • Lay twigs or straw a few inches deep on bare earth. This first layer assists in drainage and aeration of the compost pile.
  • Alternate compost layers between wet material (food scraps, tea bags, seaweed, ect) and dry material (straw, leaves, sawdust, ect).
  • Add manure, clover, buckwheat, wheatgrass, grass clippings or any other nitrogen source. Adding nitrogenous waste activates the compost and speeds the degradation process along.
  • Cover with anything you have. Wood, plastic sheeting, carpet scraps will suitably do the trick. Covering will help to retain essential moisture and heat.
  • Keep your compost moist and turn it with a pitchfork every few weeks to aerate the pile.

Alternatively, compost bins are purchasable from the Hastings Environment Centre in Karamu Rd.