Noise Complaints

It is accepted that a certain amount of noise is part of the normal human environment. Traffic noise, aircraft noise, industrial noise and residential noise form part of the background to everyday life. Generally, noise is not a problem unless it becomes excessive.

Under New Zealand's environmental laws, Hastings District Council has the responsibility for controlling excessive noise in our district, within certain limitations.

Making a Complaint

Contact the Council on 06 871 5000 (24 hours).


Failure to obey excessive noise duration notices can result in stereos or equipment being seized.

Infringement notices resulting in fines can also be issued in some instances.

If you are the noisemaker and you feel the complaint is unjustified, contact the Council to discuss your concerns.

Noise complaints are confidential; the noisemaker is not advised of who has complained.

Noise Control Brochure

Read our noise control brochure (PDF 1MB) for an overview of your rights and reponsibilities around noise.


For noise related complaints contact Council on 06 871 5000 24 hours.