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Age Concern Flaxmere
27 July 2017


Helping elderly avoid being scammed, either on-line or on their doorstep, is the aim of a new programme being rolled out this year. Age Concern Flaxmere will set up and run the programme in Flaxmere, then offer it to more local areas in future. Hastings District Council is supporting the programme, donating $5766 from its Contestable Grants Fund. The fund is distributed annually to groups developing or delivering a community service or project which fits with Council’s aim of “building a safe, liveable, sustainable community”. Council is profiling successful applicants from this year’s grants round.

Bostock Edible Garden Show
26 July 2017


The annual Bostock Edible Garden Show touches almost all sectors of our society – from gardeners, foodies and lifestyle block owners, to tots (through pre-school programmes), tertiary students (through a design competition) and families interested in healthy living. Hastings District Council is again supporting the event, donating $10,000 from its Contestable Grants Fund this month. The fund is distributed annually to groups developing or delivering a community service or project which fits with Council’s aim of “building a safe, liveable, sustainable community specifically”. Council is profiling successful applicants from this year’s grants round.

Manawatu Gorge
24 July 2017

The Transport Agency is advising that a large new slip has fallen on the Manawatu Gorge, which has been closed since late April following two other significant slips. NZTA Regional Transport Systems Manager Ross I’Anson says approximately 10 thousand cubic metres of material, including large boulders, was discovered by contractors inspecting the road this morning. The slip is likely to have come down over the weekend during heavy rain. - NZTA

Emergency Clifton sea wall
24 July 2017


Emergency measures to repair erosion caused by recent high seas have been completed, with 400 tonne of rock laid along the worst affected stretches. Pounding seas took out two 20 metre chunks of coast, one in front of the Clifton Marine Club boat ramp; the other between the existing sea wall in front of Clifton Camp and the Clifton Café. Two hundred tonne of limestone boulders had been placed in each area.

21 July 2017


Complaints about dogs roaming are up by 20 per cent and the number of dogs not kept on their home property needs to come down, says Hastings District Council community safety manager John Payne. Roaming dogs are not only a potential risk to other animals and people, but to themselves, Mr Payne says. “We have seen in media that two dogs returned home with shotgun injuries in the last fortnight, and there are often cases of dogs being hit by cars while running loose. While Council does not condone deliberately injuring dogs, under the law a dog can be destroyed or seized if it is attacking a person or stock or protected wildlife. The best way to keep your dog safe is to keep it home.”

Henare O'Keefe
21 July 2017


Six months into the job, Henare O’Keefe is loving his role as Hastings Ambassador. On top of his duties as a Hastings District councillor, he is charged with helping to build pride in our district; a position bestowed upon him by the Hastings mayor after the last council elections. “It is pretty easy to feel good about living here,” said Mr O’Keefe. “Of course we have our issues, but no more than any other place in New Zealand and we are certainly a lot better off than a lot of people in other parts of the world.

Primary industry
20 July 2017


Business is taking to Great Things Grow Here™ in droves; with 220 signing up as Brand Champions in just 12 months. That was more than four business owners a week from across Hawke’s Bay who had seen the benefits of belonging to the region’s economic growth platform, said Hastings District Council Economic Development project officer Sam Jackman, who manages the brand platform.

19 July 2017


Retail spending is again up in Hastings, with an increase of near 10 per cent compared to the same three months last year. Havelock North spending increased by 5.5 per cent, to $29.8 million. The MarketView quarterly report for the three months ended June 30 showed that spending reached $65.8 million in Hastings and $29.8m in Havelock North. Visitors to the area contributed to the Hastings central city increase, with spending by New Zealanders from outside of the region up by 13.8 per cent on the same period last year.

18 July 2017

Hastings District Council has appointed Napier Port chief executive Garth Cowie as external chairperson to lead the change programme for water services operations within Council. This change programme follows an independent review of Council’s water operations commissioned by chief executive Ross McLeod, to address shortcomings identified through the Inquiry and to ensure that Council has in place the capability, capacity, systems and people to ensure safe drinking water for the community.

17 July 2017


The Hastings side of Taihape Rd is open however drivers are being warned to take extra care after a number of cars landed up in ditches yesterday. The road was opened as far as the Kuripapango Bridge at noon yesterday. Because of the icy conditions speed restrictions were put in place however at least six cars slid off the road over the afternoon. The road had been gritted but drivers still needed to be extra careful, said Hastings District Council transportation manager Jag Pannu. “Especially from the early evening, overnight, and first thing in the morning when the ice is at its worst.”


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