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Luke Maton with Minister for Social Development Anne Tolley.
24 August 2017

The fine paper, the elegant script and the quirky job titles are all fascinating to Luke Maton, as he works to get Hastings’ old hand-written burial records into an easily searchable format. He is working through the 1940s and 1950s at the moment, but eventually all the records back to when the cemetery opened in the early 1880s will be checked and uploaded so they are available on-line, said Hastings District Council facilities and programmes Group Manager Alison Banks.

Flaxmere Assist team with Jacoby Poulain, Henare O’Keefe and acting mayor Sandra Hazlehurst.
18 August 2017

Overwhelming support for the Flaxmere Community Assist team has seen it made a permanent fixture. At this month’s Hastings District Council meeting councillors resolved to make the service permanent following a year’s trial. It was brought in at the start of the last financial year in response to community concerns about safety in the town centre area and a desire to deter anti-social behaviour. It was run as an extension to the equally successful City Assist service in Hastings.

The new diffuser pipe being hauled out to sea.
18 August 2017

The once-in-a-generation job to replace Hastings’ wastewater outfall diffuser pipe nearly three kilometres out to sea has just been completed. The diffuser is a 300 metre long pipe with holes along it which allows treated water from the Hastings District Council Wastewater Treatment Plant at Clive to be dispersed over an area large enough to ensure good mixing with the sea water. It sits at the end of a two-and-a-half kilometre concrete pipe.


18 August 2017

Road resealing will be carried out along the Havelock North end of Havelock Rd over five days from August 28.The work will mean that the road from Karenema Dr to just before the central village roundabout (Napier Rd and Havelock Rd) will be down to one lane for that week, with stop/go traffic management and detours in place. The resealing will follow five days of work to redo water connections around the Porter Dr/Havelock Rd roundabout.Businesses and residents in the immediate area are being directly advised of the two projects.

Napier City Council staff about to head off to an event to promote One for One.
15 August 2017

The promotion of a safe drinking culture in both Napier and Hastings is something the cities’ councils are keen to support – and they are just as keen to hear the community’s ideas on how that can be achieved. Today marks day one of consultation on the revised Joint Alcohol Strategy, first adopted by Napier City and Hastings District Councils in 2011. Feedback on the revised strategy, which covers the period 2017-22, will be accepted up until Friday 8 September.

Orokohanga students from Camberley and Ebbett Park schools.
14 August 2017

Fifteen months ago 17 youngsters picked up violins and cellos for the first time. Now there are 95 students at two schools in the music programme and their skills have reached the point where they have been able to stage their first public performance. The Orokohanga Music Trust programme teaches year four children from Camberley and Ebbett Park schools classical music while also building their confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

14 August 2017

One year on from the Havelock North water gastro-outbreak, Hastings District Council has reiterated its “heart-felt sympathy” for all of those affected by the contamination of aquifer-source water feeding the Havelock North water supply. Council’s on-going top priority is delivering safe drinking water for our community, says Hastings acting mayor Sandra Hazlehurst. 

Guilin dancers
11 August 2017

A visit by Guilin Children’s Palace performing arts students to Hastings reaches its crescendo tomorrow with a free public concert at the Blyth Performing Arts Centre at Iona College.A taste of what the public will see on Saturday was on show at a special visit to Te Aute College on Wednesday, where the 16-strong group of 10 to 12-year-olds and their accompanying adults were officially welcomed with a powhiri. Hastings District councillors Bayden Barber and Henare O’Keefe accompanied the visitors to the powhiri.

Havelock North Library
9 August 2017

The final plans for the revamp have been completed and the first of the work is due to start on September 4.The project means the library will have to be closed for a week from September 4 and for three weeks from October 2. At all times books will be able to be returned using the 24 hour returns slot. In between the closed times, the library will be open with as many services as possible available (including returns, issuing holds, internet and Wi-Fi access.

9 August 2017

A fund to help people suffering from long-term illness following last year’s campylobacter outbreak has been set up through a partnership between Hastings District Council and Hawke’s Bay Regional Council. In June both councils confirmed that they would set up the fund to help support those people who had been impacted financially through suffering serious long-term illness lasting for longer than six months, related to the outbreak. The two councils had each contributed $100,000 to the fund.


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