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22 January 2010

Flooding in Flaxmere: These photos were taken earlier this evening by Hawke’s Bay Today.

Police asked people to stay off the roads west of Chatham Road in Flaxmere.

20 January 2010

Hastings District Council wants to talk to property owners who have an earthquake faultline running through their land about what development can occur on or near a faultline.

The National Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences (IGNS) and Hawke’s Bay Regional Council (HBRC) have recently released maps which more accurately define the location of faultlines near urban and semi-urban areas in the Hastings District.

18 January 2010

More than 30 individuals or groups have given their views on the region’s development future, in a preliminary round of informal consultation for the Heretaunga Plains Urban Development Strategy (HPUDS).

HPUDS is a joint process lead by Napier City Council, Hastings District Council and Hawke’s Bay Regional Council to identify where urban growth will go from 2015 to 2045 and beyond.

12 January 2010

Hastings District Council (HDC) will continue to divert domestic sewage to the milliscreen plant while it does further testing to reduce odour at the East Clive Wastewater Treatment Plant.

HDC, in partnership with HBRC, is working hard to reduce the odour to acceptable levels and has put an action plan in place to address the issue.

7 January 2010

Near drought conditions, coupled with low soil moisture and dry vegetation in the Hastings District, has raised fire danger to a point where restrictions have been imposed for lighting outdoor fires.

Both the NZ Fire Service and the Council Rural Fire Authority are concerned about amounts of dry dead vegetation now prevalent in many parts of the district, especially on the Heretaunga Plains and in coastal areas.

21 December 2009

Hastings District Council’s Customer Services project has taken a positive new direction, with Councillors agreeing to modify the project by not proceeding with a new Customer Service Centre building in favour of an alternative option.

18 December 2009

A decision on the new logo for Hastings opens the way for Hastings District Council to roll out a campaign to promote the district to the rest of New Zealand and the world.

Hastings Mayor Lawrence Yule says Option ‘A’ by Attn! marketing pr has been chosen as the logo for marketing collateral for the campaign.

17 December 2009

This morning Hastings District Council staff investigated the effects of a sewerage pipe being vandalised overnight.

HDC Reticulation Engineer, Tony Dench says two holes were punched into the pipe which runs across the stream at Anderson Park.

16 December 2009

Administration Buildings

The Civic Administration Building, 207 Lyndon Road East, and Asset Management, 110 Warren Street South, will close at 3.00 pm on Thursday 24 December 2009 and reopen at 8.00 am on Tuesday 5 January 2010.

11 December 2009

The Hawke’s Bay Opera House has confirmed its status as one of New Zealand’s best conferencing and event venues.

After just six months as a stand-alone company the Opera House has been awarded a five-star rating from Qualmark - an independent assessment organisation whose ratings are internationally acknowledged as the standard for event venues.


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