Mayoral Symposium - Working with youth

Read presentations from the Mayoral Symposium - Working With Youth hosted by Hastings District Council on Thursday 4 September.

The purpose of the Symposium was to:

  • Share some of our many inspiring stories
  • Plan how we can apply collective action in local communities

Programme & presentations

Read the programme and presentations by each speaker. To find out more about the day read the  Key Points Summary 69 KB

Time Activity Details
9am Registration  
9.30am Karakia Jerry Hapuku and Numia Tomoana
9.35am Welcome Lawrence Yule
  • Outline purpose of the day
  • You are here because you make a difference
  • We want to think outside the square:
    • What can we do better by connecting more
    • What do we want to focus on and really change
    • How can we create community hubs
9:50am Introduction Chair, John Langley (Regional Director of Child, Youth and Family)
  • Housekeeping and introduce speakers
  • You, our participants, are who will make sure we get the most out of the day and the focus to create real change, together
Setting the scene

Dr Russell Wills (Children's Commissioner)

Children and uouth at risk

  • What are the issues here in Hawke’s Bay
  • How are we trending
  • Intervention points/successes
  • “What works” - working together with a focus

 Read the presentation 1.9 MB


Kindra Douglas (Victory Community Centre & School)

Coming together in a community

  • How a community hub was formed
  • The differences it has made for the school, the community and for service providers

 Read the presentation 1.9 MB

Local snapshots - a few of the many great local examples of working together with a focus 

  • What has worked in what we do
  • How whanau and agencies link in / work with us
  • Finding win-win opportunities
  • Biggest challenges

Louise Anaru (Flaxmere College) and Maurice Rehu (Richmond School) with Thu-Lena Tran

Maurice Rehu and Thu Len Tran

Schools experiences and what we do

 Read the presentation 3 MB

Rich in belief 

 Read the presentation 533 KB

11.30am Paora Winitana (Director, IMS Payroll Paul Henare and Paora Winitana Basketball Academy)

My journey and partnerships in the Academy

Paul Fong and Zion Wicken (Youth Quest) and Rebekah Dinwoodie (North Island Manager of Taratahi)

Youth choices - our experiences and what we do

 Read the presentation 1.9 MB

Jan Crawford (Manager of Youth Futures Hawke’s Bay) and Steve Halpin (Operations Manager, Furnware)

Getting youth on a path - how we are working together with employers and

 Read the presentation 1.8 MB

12.45pm Councillor Henare O’Keefe

Cultivating the community - mobilising the power of the people - building communities and expecting whanau to step up

Watch the video

1pm Lunch  
1.30pm Neighbourly launch
  • Find out what Neighbourly offers
  • How can it help build communities and connect people
Local focus: What can we do together - reaching people

Break out workshops (choose one / go to more)

Local communities:

  • Who is doing what?
  • What are people doing elsewhere?
  • How can we link up more (service to service,referring clients, reaching the community)?
  • How can we create temporary or long-term hubs?
  • Where and how can we take services to the people?

 Read the Camberly key actions 250 KB

 Read the Mayfair key actions 182 KB

 Read the Hastings city centre key actions 70 KB

 Read a checklist we can adapt for action plans 493 KB

Please be aware the documents above are in draft format and require your ideas and input. Use the contact details below to to tell us what you may be planning in other areas, for example, Raureka School are looking at developing a Community Hub

3.30pm Afternoon tea  
3.40pm Continue break out workshops Agree key actions going forward
4.20pm Chair next steps and observations

Collated info will be emailed to all participants and to the Intersectoral Leadership Group, Safe Communities, other identified groups 

Groups to report back on how they are getting on, let us know challenges and successes

4.30pm Closing comments - Mayor
  • Sum up key take aways
  • Leadership going forward
4.40pm Poropororaki Jerry Hapuku and Numia Tomoana
4.45pm  Symposium closes


For more information about the Mayoral Symposium, contact Hastings District Council's Strategic Planner: Community, Cherie Flintoff, on phone (06) 871 5000 or email