Liquor Licensing Policy

This Liquor Licensing Policy updates and replaces an informal policy developed in 1994.

The policy provides a framework for consistent decision-making about the sale of liquor within Hastings District and aims to contribute to the reduction of alcohol abuse.

The Policy clearly defines the Council’s attitude to, and administration of, its responsibilities under the Sale of Liquor Act 1989 and represents a combination of community expectations about how alcohol is made available to consumers and the legislative requirements governing generally accepted norms of behaviour.

The Policy allows Council to reflect and implement those community expectations through locally set licensing conditions in its decisions where the Sale of Liquor Act allows for that flexibility.

The Policy defines Council’s method of administration and its responsibilities under the Sale of Liquor Act and will define the parameters that will guide Council’s statutory licensing functions. This Policy is intended as a guide only and applications falling outside the Policy will be considered on their relative merit.