John Begg


GNS Science are New Zealand's leading provider of Earth, geoscience and isotope research and consultancy services.

Dr John Begg is a mapping geologist with GNS Science. His primary skills are geological mapping and stratigraphy for which he uses specialised spatial computing programmes to record geological and geomorphological data derived from field work, aerial photographs and other digital data. He has mapped throughout New Zealand since 1974, including in Hawke’s Bay since 1993, and has particular interest in the geology of the last 2.58 million years (Quaternary).

John was involved in developing a world-class 3D geological map of Christchurch’s subsurface following the 2010 earthquake. He has published many papers on the subject of New Zealand Geology.


  • BS, Zoology and Geology
  • PhD, Geology
  • Post Doctoral Fellow, Geology



Download his presentation slides here and presentation video here