Irongate Structure Plan

Draft Irongate Structure Plan

Key components of the proposed Structure Plan

The key components of the Draft Structure Plan for the Irongate area include the following:

  • Rezoning of 50 Hectares of land based around the Irongate Road/Maraekakaho Road Intersection
  • Rezoning of existing Industrial 6 zoned properties and sites with resource consent for industrial and similar activities
  • Provision of reticulated water supply and wastewater services (not including tradewaste)
  • Onsite stormwater treatment and disposal
  • Provision of road seal widening, intersection upgrading, tree planting and road stormwater management for Irongate Road
  • Provision of shelterbelt tree planting around the boundary of the zone
  • Minimum site size 10,000m2 (1 Hectare)
  • Initially the land will be zoned Deferred Industrial 2*. Deferment of the zone will be lifted at Council’s discretion, once the infrastructure is built and operational.

* Deferred Industrial 2 zone means that resource consents will be required in order to establish any development including industrial in this area to ensure that adequate servicing is provided on site, prior to Council's infrastructure being constructed.

Irongate Structure Plan map

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More information

Please contact a Strategic Planner on 06 871 5000 for more information