How your rates are calculated

Hastings District Council's rates are charged based on property values, rating areas and targeted rates.

Property valued are supplied by Quotable Value Limited

The rating system is the mechanism by which the net funding requirements of the Council's programmed works and services detailed in this year's Long Term Plan are charged to the district's ratepayers. Rates are levied as a tax on property in compliance with the statutory provisions of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002.

Two methods are used to determine the allocation of cost to an individual property:

  1.   Rating Areas
  2.   Differential Rating

Rating areas

Hastings District is divided into two distinct rating areas - Rating Area One Urban and Rating Area Two Rural. 

The rating areas are based on:

  • The definition of an urban area with a boundary based on effective daily links to the city from Statistics New Zealand
  • Relative opportunity to use urban based facilities within an approximate 10-15 minute radius of the city
  • Hastings District Council planning zones, which influence the opportunity to use land
  • The types of land use within the district

Map of rating areas

The costs of the Council's various activities are apportioned into the two rating groups using agreed formulae which reflect, as near as possible, the costs of providing services to each of these areas.

Some costs in Rating Area 2 (such as Community Service Facilities) are apportioned on a discounted basis to reflect remoteness and access to these facilities. 

Differential rating

Within each rating area in the District, the Council recovers the general rate requirement on a differential basis on the land value of a property.

Rates (cents per dollar of land value) for 2016/17 are:

Differential group name

Cents per dollar of $ LV

Differential Rating Area One Uban
Residential 0.6566
Residential Clive 0.5318
Residential Non Urban (Including Townships & Small Settlements) 0.4990
Horticulture/Farming 0.4465
CBD Commercial 1.9698
Other Commercial 1.8057
Commercial Non Urban- Peripheral 1.5430
Differential Rating Area Two
Residential 0.2859
Lifestyle/Horticulture/Farming 0.3363
Commercial 0.5549

The differentials are based on a Council assessment of cost/benefit with some modifications to allow for transitional impacts on certain categories of ratepayers.

Types of charges

General rate

The general rate funds the majority of the Council's expenditure. It is based upon the land value of property and is calculated based on a system of differential rating.

Uniform annual general charge

The Council also levies a uniform annual general charges across all rating units in the District. A rate of $228 will apply to each separately used or inhabited part of a rating unit. Those activities included in the charge are Rate Collection, Cost of Democracy, Civil Defence (50%), Economic Development (65%), Waimarama Seawall (10%) and Wastewater Treatment (20%).

Community and Resource Management Rate

This rate funds the first 35% of the community services and resource management budgets.

Targeted rates

Community Services & Resource Management Rate

Set as a fixed amount per separately used or inhabited part of a rating unit to fund 35% of council's planning/regulatory functions and community facility provision. This rate will be set on a differential basis and based on the location of land within the district.

Rates for 2016/17 are:

Differential Rate Area One $
Residential 399
CBD commercial 399
Other commercial 399
Residential Clive 299
Residential non-urban (including townships and small settlements) 299
Horticulture/farming 299
Commercial non-urban - Peripheral 299
Differential Rate Area Two $
Residential 296
Lifestyle/horticulture/farming 296
Commercial 296

Havelock North promotion

The rate for the 2016/17 year is 0.1683 cents per dollar of land value.

The Havelock North promotion rate is set on the land value of the rating units in blue.

The funds are used to market and promote the central Havelock North commercial area.

Havelock North parking

The rate for 2016/17 per separately used or inhabited part is:

  • Residential $23 per rating unit
  • CBD commercial/other commercial $69
  • All others $23

Set differentially as a fixed amount on every separately used or inhabited rating unit in Havelock North as defined in green

The funds are used to fund parking in the Havelock North central business district.

Hastings City Business Association

The rate for the 2016/17 year is 0.2509 cents per dollar of land value.

Set on the land value of all rating units as defined in red.

The funds are used to fund the marketing programme to revitalise the Hastings central business area. 

Central Business District targeted rates

The rate for the Hastings central business district for 2016/17 is 0.1006 cents per dollar of land value.

The rate for the Havelock North central business district for 2016/17 is 0.0565 cents per dollar of land value.

The funds are used to fund major city centre upgrades. 

Security patrols 

The rate for Hastings for 2016/17 is 0.1054 cents per dollar of land value.

The rate for Havelock North for 2016/17 is 0.0775 cents per dollar of land value.

Set on the land value of rating units defined on Council map “Security Patrol Areas”, to fund the provision of security patrols in the central business areas of Hastings and Havelock North.

Waimarama sea wall

The purpose of the proposed rate is to fund renewal costs, the cost of the maintenance to the rock placement (Northern & Southern Extension) and to set aside emergency funds.

The rate is set on a 3 tier differential basis with beachfront properties paying two thirds and non beachfront properties paying one third spilt 23% and 10% within the respective differential classifications (zones) – refer map ‘Waimarama Seawall Differential classifications'.

The rate is set on a uniform basis on each rating unit within the targeted rating area defined on map ‘Waimarama Seawall differential classifications’ which defines where the land is situated. The rate within each differential group is:

Zone 1: $270.00
Zone 2: $197.00
Zone 3: $72.00

Land valuations

If land valuations are down, your rates won't necessarily decrease. Your land value determines your share of the total rates needed to run the Hastings District.

When everyone’s property values decrease, the amount of money needed to run the district does not change – in fact, rates increases may still be necessary.

Your rates share will depend on your property's value when compared to everyone else's.

Generally speaking:

  • If your land value decreases by about the average amount, you’ll have an average rates increase.
  • If your land value decreases more than the average, you’ll have a smaller-than-average rates increase.
  • If your land value decreases by less than the average, you’ll have a higher-than-average rates increase.

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