History of Hastings District Council

1860 - Havelock North began its existence
1884 - Hastings constituted a Town Board 4 February
1886 - First meeting of the Hastings Borough Council 20 October
1886 - First mayor of Hastings Robert Wellwood 1886 - 1887
1956 - Hastings proclaimed a city 8 September
1989 - Amalgamation of Hastings City Council, Havelock North Borough Council and Hawke's Bay County Council to form the Hastings District Council

The Hastings District Council was created by the amalgamation of the three former local authorities of the Heretaunga Plains - Hastings City Council, Hawke's Bay County Council and Havelock North Borough Council on 1 November 1989.

Havelock North began its existence in 1860 with the first Roads Board elected in 1871, disbanded in 1894 to be administered by the Hawke's Bay County Council until 1912 when the Havelock North Town Board was constituted on 6 February of the same year but not achieving Borough status until 1952.  

On 2 January 1884, Hastings was proclaimed a town district and then a borough Council in September 1886 becoming a city on 8 September 1956.

The first Hawke's Bay County Council was elected on 28 December 1876 after the abolition of Provincial Government in New Zealand and the creation of the counties system, based on the English model of small local authorities.

The boundaries and responsibilities of the Hawke's Bay County Council changed over time but its identity and administration is one of continuity until its amalgamation in 1989.

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For more information contact the Council on council@hdc.govt.nz or phone 06 871 5000.