High seas expected

High sea swells are expected along the Hawke's Bay coastline over the weekend. The size of the expected swells has been revised downward but coastal residents are still warned to take extreme caution.

The latest swell predictions are as follows:

  • South of Kidnappers 3-5m
  • East of Mohaka to Mahia 4-6m
  • Clifton Te Awanga 1-2.5m
  • Haumoana 2-3m
  • Marine Parade, Westshore, Waipatiki 2-4m
  • Off shore 5-8m

The greatest danger is at high tide which are as follows:

  • Friday  3:30pm
  • Saturday 3:50am then 4:20pm
  • Sunday 4:40am

The swells are expected to peak at around midnight Friday 21st June and continue until Monday 24th June 2013. Swells of this magnitude will be unpredictable and extremely dangerous.

You are advised to stay clear of the beaches. Coastal residents are advised to monitor the sea conditions and be prepared to self evacuate if you believe you are in danger.

If you require further help or information contact us at the Hastings District Council on phone 871 5000 or for emergencies always phone 111.