Hawke's Bay Community Outcomes Monitoring

A requirement of the Local Government Act 2002 is to report on progress against the community outcomes identified by the public. The purpose of establishing the community outcomes was to get the community’s view on the things it considers important for its long term wellbeing. 

Community Outcomes monitoringThey serve to provide:

  • A regional context for the ongoing work of the public, private and community sectors in the region
  • A common strategic focus for these sectors
  • A series of long-term development goals for the Hawke’s Bay region to aspire to
  • And a basis for monitoring the region’s progress against the outcomes or goals.

In 2004 the community identified 9 high level outcomes and a further 25 sub outcomes broadly covering economic, social/cultural and environmental wellbeing in the region.

Specific indicators have been identified for the various sub-outcomes to enable regional progress on them to be monitored and measured over time.  These are outlined in the report below along with a broad evaluation of how the region has fared over the past decade in terms of outcome achievement.