Havelock North Domain Development Plan - 2016

Building up Havelock North Domain

30 August 2016

Work on a $1.5 million upgrade of the Havelock North Domain is due to kick off in just over a month and, if all goes well, will be completed by summer.

The upgrade was consulted on last year and the money is already included in the Hastings District Council budget.

The plan for the park includes building a new playground with a children’s water paly area, sun shades, a revamped skate area designed for small children, paths, and new seating and tables.Havelock North Domain Concept

The development of the park is a "once in a generation" project which will see the domain become the true heart and connector within the village, says Council's Reserve Management Committee chairman, Councillor Wayne Bradshaw.

The actual start date depends on a final decision on the moving of the historic Cricket Pavilion, at the north end of the ground; a decision that will be made in the next few weeks.

It had been intended to leave it where it is, however the community asked that it be moved to a more central position. If that goes ahead, it will take the place of the current Plunket building on the Te Mata Rd side of the domain.

To move it requires $300,000, not included in the upgrade budget. Council has included half of that amount for consideration in the Annual Plan, with the community tasked with raising the other half.

Havelock North resident and designer Andy Coltart, who led the submissions in favour of moving the near 80-year-old building, has started a fundraising drive and the Havelock North Business Association has agreed to support the project.

The pavilion was designed by Hastings architect Eric Phillips and opened in 1938. Until Karanema Drive was pushed through the original cricket field, the building provided a fine look out over the action. Now it is considered to be isolated and has limited use.

The building was upgraded in 2011, and includes toilets, showers, kitchen, storeroom and main hall.

If moved it will face into the park, include public toilets with a separate entrance, and be fronted with a large paved area suitable for holding markets or other outdoor events that are better on a hard surface.

There is a great deal of interest in the project within the community, particularly the re-siting of the historic Cricket Pavilion, says councillor Sandra Hazlehurst.

“It’s about creating a community space out of the beautiful historic building. From the moment the idea was presented to relocate the beautiful historic pavilion to create a focal point in the redeveloped Village Green, the community has embraced the idea.

“The pavilion will become a gathering place for meetings, a hub from which to run events and concerts, and provide a new home for community organisations and groups like Plunket and the Toy library.”

Mr Bradshaw says the project will draw a number of public buildings together, to form a cultural core for Havelock North.

"This really is exciting. Once finished, the church, the pavilion, the Havelock North Function Centre and the library will all face into this communal space, and the opening up of the pools will bring them into the domain. This has huge potential to become the equivalent of the traditional village green, a gathering and event space for all of our community.

"Let's face it, what other small to medium town has such a magnificent green space right in its heart and we're now in a position to really make the most of it."

Plunket staff are ready for the move, and excited about returning to the Pavilion once it is in its new home. Clinical Services Manager Tracey Armstrong has offered to temporarily relocate the Havelock North Plunket service to its Hastings office while the work is done. “It is just a temporary move; we will be back and the new building will be wonderful,” says Ms Armstrong.


Cricket Pavillion settled on new home

31 August 2016

The historic building that has stood on the Havelock North Village Green for 80 years has made the move across the park – and has come through the experience unscathed.

At 5am this morning (August 31) the building was inched onto a moving truck from its spot off Karanema Dr and over an hour was slowly carried to its new home on the Te Mata Rd side of the park, across from the Havelock North Library.

The moving of the pavilion is part of the much bigger revamp of the whole park, including the playground. It had been intended to leave the pavilion where it was, however the public asked that it be moved to a more central position and offered to fundraise half the estimated $300,000 it added to the cost of the project.

The “lion’s share” of those funds had been raised and now the building had been moved; and parks and properties manager Colin Hosford said it looked “very at home” in its new spot.

“The project team is very happy with the outcome. The pavilion will give some real weight and character to the interactive area of the park and do justice to what is a very important historic building.”

The street-side of the building, “which admittedly is not pretty at the moment” will have a new entryway and glass doors added to match the front.

One wing of the building will house the Toy Library and Plunket, while the other will be transformed into new public toilets.

On the park side, stepped down decks will be added once the building is settled onto its foundations in a couple of weeks.

Work on the plan is running on budget and on time, with most of the new facilities expected to be completed by mid-December, weather permitting.

Public consultation on what should be included in the Village Green was held last year. The plan includes a new playground with children’s water play area, sun shades, a revamped skate area and new seating and tables. The once-in-a-generation revamp will also include spaces for outdoor entertainment, and gathering places that will encourage the generations to mix; things like table tennis tables and built-in chess boards.

View the journey of the relocation below 

Time Lapse Video - Wednesday 24 August 2016 

Time Lapse Video - Thursday 25 August 2016 

Time Lapse Video - Friday 26 August 2016 

Time Lapse Video - Saturday 27 August 2016 

Time Lapse Video - The Big Move! Tuesday 30 August 2016