Hastings City Centre Strategy

In 2033, the Hastings city centre will be a growing, vibrant and fun place that recognises and embraces its wider landscape, productive hinterland, creativity and cultural diversity – it will be the heart of Hawke’s Bay. 

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Background information

Our future is filled with challenges.

Hastings, like many New Zealand cities, is faced with a number of challenges as it positions itself as sustainable, competitive and resilient.

While the short-term forecasts tell us that Hastings District, broader Hawke’s Bay and much of provincial New Zealand have challenging times ahead, we have the ability to collectively shape our future into one that is great for us all.

City centres that function well are recognised as having a strong competitive edge that generates business and attracts people. Part of this is recognising and protecting the existing strengths of the Hastings city centre and unlocking future opportunities.

Why do we need a strategy?

In recognition of these challenges, the Hastings District Council has steered a process to develop a 20-year city centre strategy (the “Strategy”).  

The Strategy, adopted in September 2013, is visionary allowing scope for creativity and innovation, while remaining flexible to ensure it is pragmatic, grounded and achievable.

The Strategy ensures that our historical foundations are recognised and retained, while the emerging form and function and future land use activities are managed and appropriately directed.

Creating and maintaining a quality city centre involves preparation, development and implementation of a Strategy for all to support. In order for the Strategy to be successful, it requires the backing and commitment of landowners, businesses, the wider community and Council.

What you told us

The broad reoccurring themes arising out of the 2011/12 consultative process focused on:

  • Retaining our sense of place, heritage character, and amenity
  • Establishing more green / open space
  • Improving vibrancy
  • Enhancing retail diversity
  • Attracting events and activity
  • Retaining our city centre amenity – the city square and water fountain
  • Providing suitable parking options
  • Considering inner city accommodation
  • Maintaining a compact, accessible and navigable city centre

The strategy focuses on five goal areas:

  1. Strengthening our city centre identity
  2. Building quality open spaces and connections
  3. Integrating and concentrating activity in the city centre
  4. Using precincts and zoning to provide opportunities
  5. Reinforcing and contain our city centre urban form


For more information contact our Strategy and Development Group on phone 871 5000 or email Raoul Oosterkamp – Strategic Projects Manager - raoulo@hdc.govt.nz