Guy Salmon

Executive Director Ecologic 

Guy is an environmental policy specialist with a background in policy, consulting and research. He leads Ecologic, a small policy think tank that is focused on finding solutions that integrate environment, economy and society.  In seeking such solutions, Guy has been a pioneer and advocate of collaborative governance.

He has worked on reform of water policy as a member of the Land and Water Forum, and earlier, in the Government’s Advisory Group on Green Growth, in a series of technical advisory groups on the Resource Management Act, and in the Institutions for Sustainable Development research programme. He has long been involved with the environmental movement and is a member of the Environmental NGOs Leadership Forum.

Guy’s presentation will look at methods for ensuring water is used efficiently; at frameworks for making sustainable water allocation decisions that benefit the environment and communities; and at how a polluter-pays or user-pays framework might be implemented if introduced.



Download his presentation slides here