Gambling Strategy

Hastings District Council gives notice that on 24th May, Council resolved to adopt a ‘Cap’ Policy for Class 4 Gambling Venues.  The number of Class 4 gaming machines available in the Hastings District is now ‘Capped’ at 293.  

Council has also resolved that it may grant consent (under s98(c) of the Act) to a proposal to change the venue to which a Class 4 venue licence currently applies, provided that the relocation of a venue to which a Class 4 Venue licence currently applies can only occur within the Hastings Central Commercial or the Havelock North Village Centre zones with the following exception:

•    That the existing venues at Stortford Lodge and Clive, can only relocate within the Stortford Lodge and Clive zones as defined in the attached maps or within the Hastings Central Commercial or Havelock North Village Centre zones.

These areas are outlined on the attached maps.

The starting point for consultation is the current policy with minor changes, however Council is open to other views and will consider all submissions.

These policies took effect on 24 May 2017 and will be due for review on the 24 May 2020::

Apply for class 4 gambling venue consent