Frimley Park

An 'Old English' style park, Frimley Park is home to many beautiful and rare trees. It is particularly known for its well-maintained public garden with over 5,500 roses. Take a stroll both on and off the path to enjoy these lovely natural features and the character of this premier park.

On weekends you’ll often find sport being played on the rear sports grounds on Lyndhurst Road, be it soccer or cricket. The Frimley Aquatic Centre is right next door and is open during the summer months with pool facilities for the whole family.

In March 2016 Frimley Playground was upgraded with the aim of becoming a playground suitable for everyone by introducing modern and innovative play elements that can be used by people of all mobility levels! While some equipment was refurbished and given a new lease of life, a range of new play equipment was also installed with sensory play elements throughout.

Kids are drawn into different play areas through the use of brightly coloured astro-turf that separates each area. This vibrant use of colour and safety surfacing is also designed to help those with poor vision or learning disabilities. New play equipment includes congo drums, talk tubes and a wheelchair friendly roundabout.

Classic pieces such as swings, slides and rope climbers are all there too, as well as a circular path for scootering around the play area and a sandpit playground surface. The play area also has the first public petanque court in Hastings – but don’t forget to bring your own boules!

With public toilets and park furniture throughout, Frimley Park has something for everyone to enjoy. 

Key features

  • Park bench
  • Toilets
  • Picnic tables 
  • Seating
  • Playground
  • Drinking fountain 
  • Wheelchair friendly playground
  • Petanque 
  • Public gardens
  • Sportsground