Alcohol licensing

 Club Licence 

 Application for Managers Certificate 

 Renewal Club Licence 

 Off Licence 

 Renewal Off Licence 

 On Licence 

 Renewal On Licence

 Objections To Alcohol Licence Applications



 Renewal of Managers Certificate 



 Special Licence 

 Temporary Authority 

If you wish to apply for a variation or cancellation of licence conditions between renewals periods:

 Variation or cancellation of licence conditions 150 KB

If you wish to notify of the appointment of a temporary or acting manager in cases where a manager is absent or ill:

 Notice of Management Change 150 KB


 Dog Registration 

 Deceased Dog Refund 

 Change of Details 

 Waiver of Dog Infringement

 More than two dogs permit 

 Consent to Keep Poultry 

 Application for Selected Owner Policy


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‚Äč Land Information Memorandum (LIM) Application

 Commerical Building Consent Application

 Residential Building Consent Application

 Outbuildings Building Consent Application

 Amendment Application

 Solar Water Heater Building Consent Application

 Solid Fuel Heater Building Consent Application

 Code Compliance Certificate Application

 Certificate of Acceptance Application

 Application for Exemption under Schedule 1, Part 1, s.2

 Extension of Time Application: Work Not Started 

 Extension of Time Application Work Not Complete

 Vehicle Crossing Application

 Wastewater On-site Disposal Checklist or Word Version

 Relocated Building: Landowner Certification Form 410 KB

 Relocated Building report template 73 KB

Building Work Certification

 Construction - exterior cladding 38 KB

 Wet Floor Membrane; Roofing Membrane (including Gutters); Deck Membrane 38 KB

 Construction - plumbing 20 KB

Cemetery & cremation

 Certificate of medical practitioner cremation 79 KB

 Cremation application 76 KB

 Headstone installation standard 83 KB

 Interment booking 82 KB

 Cremation booking 62 KB

 Permission to cremate 138 KB

 Permitted memorial sizings 68 KB

 Register of cremations 54 KB

 Monumental Permit 194 KB or  Monumental Permit 48 KB

 Notice of Intended Monumental Work 234 KB or  Notice of Intended Monumental Work 47 KB

Health & food licensing

 Application to Operate an Amusement Device 42 KB

 Camping Ground Licence 44 KB

 Food Premises Licence (Single Site) 225 KB

 Food Premises Licence (Multi Site) 240 KB

 Checklist: Glass Dishwashing Machines 27 KB

 Guide to Opening a Food Business in Hastings 359 KB

 Footpath Hospitality / Dining Licence

 Funeral Directors Licence 45 KB

 Hairdressing Licence 45 KB

 Hawkers Licence 83 KB 

 Mobile Shop Application 83 KB 

 Offensive Trades Licence 45 KB

 Outdoor Kiosk Licence within City Square Hastings City 2.3 MB

 Raffles (CBD raffle ticket selling permit application) 47 KB

 Sale Yards Application 39 KB

 Shop Front Strip Licence 286 KB

 Stall Holders Licence  179 KB

i-SITE Havelock North & Hastings

 Brochure display Havelock North i-SITE 306 KB

 Brochure display Hastings i-SITE 306 KB

 Brochure display BOTH Havelock North i-SITE and Hastings i-SITE 306 KB


 Application to use council park or reserve 64 KB

 Te Mata Park Booking Form 64 KB

 Application for the use of a council reserve (Inflatables) 198 KB

 Mackersey Family Pavilion Booking Form 88 KB


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Online Parking Explanation

Parking Complaints Form

 Parking Infringement Explanation form 144 KB

 Application for Cancellation or Change of Details to Leased Carpark Agreement 17 KB


 Application for Reduction or Cancellation of Uniform Annual General Charge, Road Seal Extension Rates and Community and Resource Management Rate47 KB

 Application for Rates Postponement 54 KB

 Application for remission of uniform & targeted rates (Direct Family Member, Derelict, Worker Accommodation essential to the business (130KB)

 Easy Pay 105 KB

Rates Rebates

Application forms via

 Suppression of Name and/or Postal Address information from the Complete Rating Information Database 73 KB

Resource consents

 Affected Persons Consent form 48 KB or Online Form

 Resource Consent Checklist 195 KB

 Resource Consent Application form 290 KB

 Relocated Building: Landowner Certification Form 410 KB

 Relocated Building report template 73 KB

 224c Application form71 KB

 Whakatu Arterial Submission on Publically Notified Requirement for Designation 73 KB

Roading, roads & transportation

Corridor Access Request

 Clegg Hammer Test Results Form 190 KB

Request for Rural Property Number - RAPID

 PDF 67 KB

DOC 162 KB

 Sprayfree Frontage Agreement 2016 

Temporary Road Closure application



Resident visiting form XLS 32KB

 Vehicle Crossing Request 70 KB

Trade waste

 Application for Approval to Dicharge Controlled Wasterwater 51 KB

Vehicle Tender

 Vehicle Tender Form

Water services

 New Service Connection fact sheet and application 152 KB


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