Dr Brent Gilpin

Science Leader

ESR is aGovernment-owned Crown research institute that delivers world class knowledge, research and laboratory services to help New Zealand get the most out of its investment in science and innovation. Their science lies behind the decisions that safeguard people’s health, protect food-based economy, improve the safety of our freshwater and groundwater resources and provide the justice sector with expert forensic science.

Dr Brent Gilpin is a Science Leader in the Environmental Science team.  Brent is a molecular biologist whose primary research interests include the application of genetic analysis techniques to understanding foodborne and waterborne outbreaks and disease, microbial water quality, faecal source tracking, and zoonoses (diseases or infections that can be transmitted from animals to humans). He has been involved in outbreak investigations and product recalls related to a number of organisms including Listeria, E. coli O157, Salmonella and Campylobacter. 

Brent also works with councils on understanding microbial contamination of water, the importance of different indicators and pathogens in water, and tools for tracking sources of contamination of water and assessment of health risks.




Download his presentation slides here