Dog Exercise Areas

All dogs must be on a lead in public urban areas, except in specified locations as set out below. You can find a detailed description of the on-lead/off-lead areas in the Consolidated Bylaw Document

Dogs are not permitted on sports fields or public playgrounds, either on lead or off-lead.

Please pick up your dog's droppings whether you are in an on-lead or an off-lead area. It is illegal to allow your dog to foul in public places without removing the droppings and disposing in a hygenic manner. 

On-lead and off-lead areas

The map below shows off-lead and prohibited areas.

Dogs prohibited

You can zoom in to see more detail.

The following areas are permitted off-lead areas (also shown on the map above).

Havelock North

  1. The Tainui, Tanner and Hikanui Reserves.
  2. The Tauroa Road Reserve.
  3. Te Mata and Arataki Road Reserve
  4. Kingsgate Reserve from Te Mata Road to Reeve Drive, Ritchie Place, Fulford Place and Durham Drive
  5. The banks of the Karamu Stream, from a point adjacent to the southern most edge of Anderson Park, Havelock North to the vehicle over bridge on Havelock Road.
  6. The southern boundary walkway of Keirunga Gardens on Tanner Street, Havelock North.
  7. Te Mata Peak Park at such times, and in accordance with any conditions, as from time to time may be authorised and specified by the Te Mata Park Trust Board. Dogs shall be kept under control at all times.
  8. The James Cook Street Reserve
  9. Palmbrook Reserve 


  1. The road reserve in Karamu Road South, from Pattison Road, south to Murdoch Road.
  2. Ebbett Park during daylight saving hours between 7.30pm and 7.00am the following day, and between 6.00pm and 7.00am the following day during the remainder of the year.
  3. Duke Street Reserve.
  4. Pakowhai Country Park.


  1. The road reserve on Portsmouth Road, from Wilson Road, west to the end of Wilson Road.
  2. The Flaxmere Green Belt to the west of Tarbet Street, Arklow Place and Frobisher Street between Kirkwood Road and Flaxmere Avenue.

Haumoana and Te Awanga

  1. The Haumoana-Te Awanga coastal beach front area from the mouth of the Tukituki River south to the boundary of the Clifton No. 2 camp, Te Awanga, excluding the beach front between numbers 3 and 41 Clifton Road Haumoana.

Waimarama and Ocean Beach

  1. The beach front of the Ocean Beach settlement north to the surf club during daylight saving hours between 7.30pm and 7.30am the following day, and 6pm and 7am the following day during the remainder of the year.
  2. Ocean Beach north of the surf life saving club to 100m south of the predator proof fence.
  3. Waimarama Beach north to the Puhokio Stream river mouth during daylight saving hours between 7.30pm and 7.30am the following day, and 6pm and 7am the following day during the remainder of the year.
  4. Waimarama Beach north of the Puhokio Stream river mouth to Pututaranui Point at any time.

Whirinaki and Eskdale

  1. The North Shore and Whirinaki to Tangoio Beach road reserve.
  2. Eskdale Park along the southern or right-hand side of, and to the end of the park driveway.