District Licensing Committee - Decisions

Hastings District Licensing Committee - Decisions 

Under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, the Hastings District Licensing Committee (DLC) must give its decision on an application in writing. Copies of the decisions the Hastings DLC makes must be publicly available.

The decisions listed below cover all decisions made by the Hastings DLC including decisions which were the subject of a public hearing. The tables are updated as soon as the decisions are released.

2014 Decisions 

Meeting Date      Applicant                       License Type               Decision No.        
10/1/14 John James Loughlin Special Licence SP/01/2014
10/1/14 Worlds Best Little Wine Company Lmt Special Licence SP/02/2014
10/1/14 HB Sheep Dog Trail Assn Special Licence SP/03/2014
10/1/14 Upper Mohaka Rodeo Club Special Licence SP/03/2014
10/1/14 Unwiend Cafe Ltd On-Licence renewal ON/05/2014
10/1/14 Timothy Paul Marra On-Licence renewal ON/06/2014
10/1/14 Star of India Bay Ltd On-Licence renewal ON/07/2014
10/1/14 Sileni Estate Ltd Renewal and Variation of On-Licence RN/08/2014
10/1/14 Terrata Estate Ltd Off-Licence renewal RN/09/2014
10/1/14 Terrata Estate Ltd On-Licence renewal ON/10/2014
10/1/14 MP Foods Ltd Temporary Authority Application TO/11/2014
31/1/14 Danial Keith Shaw Manager's Certificate MC/12/2014
31/1/14 Sarah Lynnette Simpson Manager's Certificate MC/13/2014
31/1/14 Susan Lynn Corbett Manager's Certificate MC/14/2014
31/1/14 Shaleen Anne Russell Manager's Certificate MC/15/2014
31/1/14 Antony Carl Olsen Manager's Certificate MC/16/2014
31/1/14 Brett Aiden Carroll Manager's Certificate Renewal MC/17/2014
31/1/14 Natalie Rose Williams Manager's Certificate Renewal MC/18/2014
31/1/14 Morton John Osborne Manager's Certificate Renewal MC/19/2014
31/1/14 Carolien Hildegard Flint Manager's Certificate Renewal MC/20/2014
31/1/14 Greg Wayne Millar Special Licence SP/21/2014
31/1/14 Hastings Tennis & Squash Club Special Licence SP/22/2014
31/1/14 Rush Cottage Ltd Special Licence (1) SP/23/2014
31/1/14 Rush Cottage Ltd Special Licence (2) SP/24/2014
31/1/14 Rush Cottage Ltd Special Licence (3) SP/25/2014
31/1/14 Paul Bernard Benefield Special Licence SP/26/2014
31/1/14 Cape Kidnappers Station Ltd On-Licence renewal ON/27/2014
31/1/14 Bilancia Limited Off-Licence renewal ON/28/2014
14/2/14 Daniel Mark Puhara Manager's Certificate MC/29/2014
14/2/14 Phillip Eric Lee Hohaia Manager's Certificate MC/30/2014
14/2/14 Guilherme De Araujo Magalhaes Manager's Certificate MC/31/2014
14/2/14 Marie Jane Walters Manager's Certificate Renewal MC/32/2014
14/2/14 Treena Anne Marr Martin Manager's Certificate Renewal MC/33/2014
14/2/14 Manvir Singh Grewal Manager's Certificate Renewal MC/34/2014
14/2/14 Natalia Aleksandrovna Antropova Manager's Certificate Renewal MC/35/2014
14/2/14 Samuek Brian D'Ath Manager's Certificate Renewal MC/36/2014
14/2/14 Bonny Kay Wakefield Manager's Certificate Renewal MC/37/2014
14/2/14 Cristy Anne Stafford Manager's Certificate Renewal MC/38/2014
14/2/14 Julie Jennifer Powell Manager's Certificate Renewal MC/39/2014
14/2/14 Red Barrel Vineyard Redefinition of Licensed Area LA/40/2014
14/2/14 Rose and Shamrock Limited Variation of On-Licence ON/41/2014
14/2/14 Bilancia Limited Renewal Off Licence OFF/42/2014
14/2/14 Raureka School Centenary Committee Special Licence SP/43/2014
14/2/14 The Classic Motor Cycle Club HB Inc Special Licence SP/44/2014
14/2/14 Kathryn Placid Eaton Special Licence SP/45/2014
28/2/14 Kaye Elizabeth Keats Manager' Certificate MC/45/2014
28/2/14 Paul George Gardener Manager's Certificte MC/46/2014
28/2/14 Kathryn Serena Ryan Manager's Certificate MC/47/2014
28/2/14 Lorraine Joy Leheny Manager's Certificate MC/48/2014
28/2/14 Paul Simeon Paynter Manager's Certificate MC/49/2014
28/2/14 Joanne Gayle Crisp Manager's Certificate MC/50/2014
28/2/14 Gareth Robert Annan Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/51/2014
28/2/14 Adrienne Campbell Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/52/2014
28/2/14 Donna Jennifer Wihongi Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/53/2014
28/2/14 Michael John Deslandes Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/54/2014
28/2/14 Linda Jane Walsh Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/55/2014


2015 Decisions 



Meeting Dates Applicant License Type Decision No.


2016 Decisions 


Meeting Dates Applicant License Type Decision No.
15/12/16 Daniel Patrick Brennan Manager's Certificate MC/494/2016
15/12/16 Sbussio Benjamin Thusi Manager's Certificate MC/495/2016
15/12/16 Yvonne Hollis Manager's Certificate U/T MC/496/2016
15/12/16 Mikal Kevin Hales Manager's Certificate MC/497/2016
15/12/16 Debra Anne Wakefield Manager's Certificate MC/498/2016
15/12/16 Gagandeep Singh Manager's Certificate U/T MC/499/2016
15/12/16 Paul Francis Condron Manager's Certificate MC/500/2016
15/12/16 Wayne John Crisp Renewals Manager's Certificate MC/501/2016
15/12/16 Donna Jennifer Wihongi Renewals Manager's Certificate U/T MC/502/2016
15/12/16 Anthony Ross Prichard Renwals Manager's Certificate MC/503/2016
15/12/16 Dan Singh Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/504/2016
15/12/16 Kaye Olive Prichard Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/505/2016
15/12/16 Douglas Owen McIntosh Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/506/2016
15/12/16 Christopher James Binks Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/507/2016
15/12/16 Pauline Helen Kennedy Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/508/2016
15/12/16 Hastings Tennis & Squash Club Inc Club Licence & Renewal CL/509/2016
15/12/16 Angus Properties (HB) Ltd Off Licence Renewal & Variation OFF/510/2016
15/12/16 Godsown Brewery Ltd Off Licence & Variation OFF/511/2016
15/12/16 Brave Brewing Co Ltd Off Licence OFF/512/2016
15/12/16 Vitis Devine Ltd Off Licence OFF/513/2016
15/12/16 Brave Brewing Co Ltd On Licence ON/514/2016
15/12/16 Liger Trading Ltd On Licence ON/515/2016
15/12/16 Weston Sports Ltd On Licence Renewal ON/516/2016
15/12/16 Trinity Hill Ltd On Licence Renewal ON/517/2016
15/12/16 Gengy's Hastings Ltd On Licence Renewal ON/518/2016
15/12/16 Christopher Allan Barber Special Licence SP/519/2016

Paritua Vineyards & Winery Ltd & Silver Leaf Olives

Special Licence SP/520/2016
15/12/16 HB Sheep Dog Trial Association Special Licence SP/521/2016
15/12/16 Ngatarawa Wines Ltd Special Licence SP/522/2016
15/12/16 Sileni Estate Ltd Special Licence SP/523/2016
15/12/16 Julie Ellen Harris Special Licence SP/524/2016
15/12/16 Francis Frederik de Jager Special Licence SP/525/2016
15/12/16 Alpha Domus Ltd Special Licence SP/526/2016
15/12/16 Glenn Edgar Meikle Special Licence (3 January 2017) SP/527/2016
15/12/16 Glenn Edgar Meikle Special Licence (29 December 2016) SP/528/2016
15/12/16 Kim Jodie Ross Special Licence (7 January 2017) SP/529/2016
15/12/16 Kim Jodie Ross Special Licence (14 January 2017) SP/530/2016
15/12/16 Francis Frederik de Jager Special Licence SP/531/2016
15/12/16 Worlds Best Little  Wine Company Special Licence SP/532/2016
15/12/16 Common or Garden Limited Special Licence SP/533/2016
15/12/16 Wendy Marie Afeld Special Licence SP/537/2016
15/12/16 Odyssey New Zealand Ltd Temporary Authority (Off Licence) TA/534/2016
15/12/16 Odyssey New Zealand Ltd Temporary Authority (On Licence) TA/535/2016
15/12/16 Gyan Holdings Ltd Temporary Authority TA/536/2016


2017 Decisions 


Meeting Dates Applicant License Type Decision No.
19/1/17 Robert Raymond van Rijk Manager's Certificate MC/1/2017
19/1/17 Sudheesh Cheviri Manager's Certificate MC/2/2017
19/1/17 Sacha Pettitt Manager's Certificate MC/3/2017
19/1/17 Donal Robert McMahon Manager's Certificate MC/4/2017
19/1/17 Benjamin Francis Harper Manager's Certificate MC/5/2017
19/1/17 Caitlin Beverley Barrow Manager's Certificate MC/6/2017
19/1/17 Nisha Vijayanand Chudji U/T Manager's Certificate MC/7/2017
19/1/17 Tekai Nikki Sola Manager's Certificate MC/8/2017
19/1/17 Harkirat Singh Dhandal U/T Manager's Certifcate MC/9/2017
19/1/17 Tamra Gabrielle Robinson Manager's Certificate MC/10/2017
19/1/17 Matthew Bruce Hesketh Manager's Certificate MC/11/2017
19/1/17 Aaron John Brittin Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/12/2017
19/1/17 Gladys Pheobe Campbell Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/13/2017
19/1/17 Sarah Elizabeth Herries Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/14/2017
19/1/17 Hera Lena Williams Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/15/2017
19/1/17 Linda Jane Walsh Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/16/2017
19/1/17 Peter Ivan Manson Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/17/2017
19/1/17 Jodanna Marina Lovatt Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/18/2017
19/1/17 Teresa Kay Horn Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/19/2017
19/1/17 Havelock North Wanderers Football Club Club Licence Renewal and Variation CL/20/2017
19/1/17 Bilancia Limted Off Licence OFF/21/2017
19/1/17 Terrata Estate Limited Off Licence Renewal OFF/22/2017
19/1/17 Terrata Estate Limited On Licence Renewal ON/23/2017
19/1/17 Star of India Bay Limited On Licence Renewal ON/24/2017
19/1/17 HB Racing Inc On Licence Renewal ON/25/2017
19/1/17 Mazowe Investments Limited On Licence Renewal ON/26/2017
19/1/17 Partnership of Robert Raymond van Rijk and Thomas Jeffrey On Licence ON/27/2017
19/1/17 Francis Frederik de Jager (28 January 2017) Special Licence SP/28/2017
19/1/17 Francis Frederik de Jager (21 January and 10 February 2017 Special Licence SP/29/2017
19/1/17 The NZ Damson Co Limited Special Licence SP/30/2017
19/1/17 Jenny Theresa Fugle Special Licence SP/31/2017
19/1/17 Dugin Teddy Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/32/2017
19/1/17 Ruben Brewing Co Ltd Temporary Authority On Licence SP/33/2017
19/1/17 Ruben Brewing Co Ltd Temporary Authority Off Licence SP/34/2017
2/2/17 Rowan Mark Smith Manager's Certificate U/T MC/35/2017
2/2/17 Peter Joseph Macauley Manager's Certificate U/T MC/36/2017
2/2/17 Amesh Daemone Heta Taipa Manager's Certificate MC/37/2017
2/2/17 Elisabeth Anne Franks Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/38/2017
2/2/17 Jazmin Michaela Murray Manager's Certificate U/T MC/39/2017
2/2/17 Sashia Marama Louise Meyer Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/40/2017
2/2/17 Gareth Robert Annan Renewal Manager's Certificate U/T MC/41/2017
2/2/17 Christopher Allan Barber - LCQ Ltd Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/42/2017
2/2/17 Kate Me Louise Mulvaney Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/43/2017
2/2/17 Brendon Tatere McDonald Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/44/2017
2/2/17 Brett Aidan Carroll Renwal Manager's Certificate MC/45/2017
2/2/17 Julie Jennifer Powell Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/46/2017
2/2/17 Rakesh Bhandari U/T Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/47/2017
2/2/17 Havelock North Club Inc Club Licence Renewal & Variation CL/48/2017
2/2/17 Thirsty Bull Ltd Off Licence Renewal OFF/49/2017
2/2/17 Thirsty Bull Havelock Ltd Off Licence Renewal OFF/50/2017
2/2/17 Bruce William Jans as Trustee of the Taheke Trust Off Licence Renewal OFF/51/2017
2/2/17 Unwined Cafe Ltd On Licence Renewal ON/52/2017
2/2/17 Sileni Estates Ltd On Licence Renewal ON/53/2017
2/2/17 Cape Kidnappers Station Ltd On Licence Renewal ON/54/2017
2/2/17 TNT Restaurant Holdings Ltd On Licence Variation ON/55/2017
2/2/17 Raymond Donald Fyfe Special Licence SP/56/2017
2/2/17 Kim Jodie Ross Special Licence SP/57/2017
2/2/17 Jacqueline Anne Wells Special Licence SP/58/2017
2/2/17 Nicholas Barnaby Buck Special Licence SP/59/2017
16/2/17 Adam Frank Cameron Meadows Manager's Certificate U/T MC/60/2017
16/2/17 Rebecca Jean Pennall Manager's Certificate MC/61/2017
16/2/17 Lorraine Joy Leheny Manager's Certificate MC/62/2017
16/2/17 Dolce Vista Ltd On Licence Renewal ON/63/2017
16/2/17 Craggy Range Vineyards Ltd On Licence Variation ON/64/2017
16/2/17 Dolce Vista Ltd Off Licence Renewal OFF/66/2017
16/2/17 Maneo Ltd On Licence ON/69/2017
20/2/17 Parahuia Hinetaapora Huata Special Licence SP/70/2017
2/3/17 Fay Alexandra Holroyd-Cronhout Manager's Certificate U/T MC/71/2017
2/3/17 Anya-Lee Epplett Manager's Certificate MC/72/2017
2/3/17 Callum Sean Fitzpatrick Manager's Certificate MC/73/2017
2/3/17 Baljinder Kaur Sidhu Manager's Certificate MC/74/2017
2/3/17 Christopher Wayne Willis Manager's Certificate MC/75/2017
2/3/17 Mandeep Kaur Manager's Certificate U/T MC/76/2017
2/3/17 Michele Carol Robertson Renewal Manager's Certificate U/T MC/77/2017
2/3/17 Kasey Marie McIntosh Manager's Certificate MC/78/2017
2/3/17 Krystal Marie Aroha Te Awa Manager's Certificate MC/79/2017
2/3/17 Georgia May Aldersley Manager's Certificate MC/80/2017
2/3/17 Godfrey Lucien Francois Quemeneur Manager's Certificate MC/81/2017
2/3/17 Amrit Pal Singh Manager's Certificate U/T MC/82/2017
2/3/17 Shaun Denis Hibbs Renewal Manager's Certificate U/T MC/83/2017
2/3/17 Karen Elizabeth Inglis Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/84/2017
2/3/17 Maximilian Johann Gotty Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/85/2017
2/3/17 Fenn John Orbell-Evans Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/86/2017
2/3/17 Harpreet Singh Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/87/2017
2/3/17 Joanne Gayle Crisp Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/88/2017
2/3/17 Bonny Kay Wakefield Renewal Manager's Certificate MC/89/2017
2/3/17 Michelle Louise Morgan Renewal Manager's Certificate OFF/90/2017
2/3/17 The Italian Country Maqrket Ltd Off Licence Renewal OFF/91/2017
2/3/17 Zeelandt Brewing Company Ltd Off Licence Renewal OFF/92/2017
2/3/17 The Partnership of Alan Grant Keats and Kay Elizabeth Keats Off Licence Renewal OFF/93/2017
2/3/17 Te Mata Estate Winery Ltd Off Licence Renewal OFF/94/2017
2/3/17 Gavin Carl Yortt Off Licence Renewal OFF/95/2017
2/3/17 Pamacasi's Limited On Licence Renewal ON/96/2017
2/3/17 Joll Road Ltd On Licence Renewal OFF/97/2017
2/3/17 Craig William Ireland Special Licence SP/98/2017
2/3/17 Osawa NZ Ltd Special Licence SP/99/2017
2/3/17 Rachel Miranda Downes Special Licence SP/100/2017
2/3/17 Godfrey Lucien Francois Quemeneur Special Licence SP/101/2017
2/3/17 James Adam Dunkerley Special Licence SP/102/2017
2/3/17 Ngatarawa Wines Ltd Special Licence SP/103/2017
2/3/17 James Alistair Poppelwell Special Licence SP/104/2017
2/3/17 Villa Maria Estate Ltd Special Licence SP/105/2017
2/3/17 Feed Catering Ltd Special Licence SP/106/2017
2/3/17 Vitis Divine Ltd Special Licence SP/107/2017
2/3/17 Bite Holdings Ltd Special Licence SP/108/2017
2/3/17 Nation Events Ltd Special Licence SP/109/2017