DIY Coffin Club

Group award for Family Support 

The Mayor of Hastings opened the DIY Coffin Club on October 7, 2014, and this charitable organisation meet once a week to build coffins.  The club has a diverse range of members, some with an imminent need for their coffin, some who are planning ahead and some who are selflessly volunteering their time to help others prepare their coffins.  

For the past three years, this caring, compassionate and skilled group of volunteers have been busy making coffins for the Ata Rangi Maternity Unit who offer them to grieving parents that have lost a new-born baby. The beautifully painted and lined handcrafted coffins are a precious gift and an immeasurable comfort for bereaved parents because the coffin symbolises that the community is not only aware of their loss, but want to help to ease their burden at this sad time.  

The Hastings District Council would like to acknowledge the DIY Coffin Club for their invaluable impact and support to the families in our community.