2016 Elections

Preliminary results: Hastings District Council election

For the preliminary results see: election results and: www.hastingsdc.govt.nz/council-2016

Voting progress

All councils which have contracted Elections NZ to manage their vote count have their daily vote receipts posted on line. To see how Hastings is doing see: www.electionz.com/2016lgereturns/2016_returns.htm


Voting papers are on the way

The voting papers for the council and health board elections have been mailed.

Some people will have received their papers already, while the rest should arrive within 3 -5 days (by September 26).

The papers have clear instructions on how to have your say. The forms differ depending on where in the district the voter lives, but all have a vote for the mayor, members of the regional council, and members of the district health board. Most will also include a vote for councillors for their ward unless their councillor has been elected unopposed. 

Candidate nominations

With nominations for the local body elections closed, Council has placed the written profiles of all the candidates on its website. They are published in alphabetical order within the positions they are standing for, such as the mayoralty or ward. Several positions will not form part of the election as the nominations match the required numbers.

Those elected unopposed are: Mohaka Ward (one position): Tania Kerr; Rural Community Board (four positions): Susan Maxwell, Nicholas Dawson, Peter Kay and Michael (Mick) Lester; Flaxmere Licensing Trust (six positions): Martha Greening, Susan (Bronwen) Hopkins, Warwick Howie, Kenneth Kibblewhite, Bertram Lincoln and Jacob Poulain.

The positions that are being contested are the mayoralty (three nominations, one position); Flaxmere Ward (three nominations, two positions); Hastings-Havelock North Ward (13 nominations, eight positions); Heretaunga Ward (three nominations, two positions); Kahuranaki Ward (two nominations, one positions).

For a full list of the candidates standing click here or to read profile information on each of the candidates click on the link below.


Election day is Saturday 8th October 2016.

Pre-Election report click HERE


Elections in Hastings District are on a ward basis.  There are 5 wards in Hastings District.  They are:

Flaxmere Ward – elects 2 councillors
Hastings-Havelock North Ward – elects 8 councillors
Heretaunga Ward – elects 2 councillors
Kahuranaki Ward – elects 1 councillor
Mohaka Ward – elects 1 councillor

Ward Maps

The following ward maps are attached to indicate ward boundaries:

Mohaka Ward & Kahuranaki Ward
Heretaunga Ward
Flaxmere Ward
Hastings-Havelock North Ward (Hastings portion)
Hastings-Havelock North Ward (Havelock North portion)


As well as electing ward councillors, elections are also held for:

Mayor of Hastings District
Rural Community Board members (Kahuranaki & Mohaka Wards only)
Hawke’s Bay Regional Council
Hawke’s Bay District Health Board
Flaxmere Licensing Trust


The elections are by postal vote.  Voting papers will be posted to electors along with a booklet on the candidates and a freepost envelope for returning your completed voting paper.  The voting papers will be posted to your address shown on the electoral roll. To change your address details or to enrol:

Complete the appropriate form at any Postshop
Phone 0800 ENROLNOW (0800 36 76 56)
Go to the website www.elections.org.nz

Voting is First Past the Post (FPP) for all elections except the District Health Board which is Single Transferable Vote (STV). FPP elections are done via ticking, while STV voting is done by ranking candidates in order: 1,2,3 etc.

Electoral Rolls

Electoral rolls will be available for inspection from Friday 15th July at:

Council’s Customer Service Centre, 207 Lyndon Road East
Flaxmere Library
Hastings Library
Havelock North Library

Ward – only rolls will be available from Friday 15th July at:

Mohaka Ward – Tutira Store; BP Bay View; Puketapu Store
Kahuranaki Ward – Waimarama Store; Maraekakaho School; Kereru School; Poukawa School
Heretaunga Ward – BP Clive

Residential Elector

To be a residential elector, you need to be on the parliamentary roll.  This will automatically enroll you for the council elections and the district health board election at the address where you live.

To enrol, or check your details, go to www.elections.org.nz/voters/enrol-check-or-update-now 

Non-Residential Ratepayer Electors

A ratepayer who is not a resident of Hastings District but who pays rates on a property there, may be entitled to enrol on the non-resident ratepayer roll.  A company, business or society which is a separate legal entity may also nominate an elector to vote on its behalf, provided that elector resides outside Hastings District.

Click here for Enrolment Form for Non-Resident Ratepayer Elector

2016 Local Body Elections 



Mayor (1 position)

Adrienne Pierce: adrienne.pierce@asmartbusiness.co.nz
Guy Wellwood: guy@langleytwigg.co.nz
Lawrence Yule: lawrence.yule@gmail.com

Flaxmere Ward (2 positions)

Lynlee Aitcheson-Johnson: lynlee.twwp@refuge.org.nz
Henare O'Keefe: henareokeefe@clear.net.nz
Jacoby Poulain: jacobysfiles@gmail.com

Hastings-Havelock North Ward (8 positions)

Bayden Barber: baydenbarber@gmail.com
Wayne Bradshaw: bradshawestate@xtra.co.nz
Malcolm Dixon: dixonmj24@icloud.com
Damon Harvey: damon@attn.co.nz
Sandra Hazlehurst: sandra@emjae.co.nz
David Mackintosh: dahmackintosh@gmail.com
Graeme McHattie: gmsmchattie@xtra.co.nz
Simon Nixon: simon_nixon@clear.net.nz
Christopher Perley: chris@thoughtscapes.co.nz
Adrienne Pierce: adrienne.pierce@asmartbusiness.co.nz
John Porter: not supplied
Geraldine Travers: traversgeraldine@gmail.com
Kevin Watkins: kvwatkins@xtra.co.nz



Heretaunga Ward (2 positions)

Rod Heaps: rodheaps@yahoo.co.nz
Ann Redstone: agoodin@slingshot.co.nz
Jason Whaitiri: Jasonwhaitiri@gmail.com

Kahuranaki Ward (1 position)

George Lyons: hautapu1@xtra.co.nz
Stuart Perry: stujenperry@hotmail.com

Mohaka Ward (1 position)

Tania Kerr: atkerr@xtra.co.nz

Flaxmere Licensing Trust (6 positions)

Martha Greening: wompystompy@xtra.co.nz
Susan Hopkins: bron.deno@clear.net.nz
Warwick Howie: not supplied
Kenneth Kibblewhite: ken.kibblewhite@xtra.co.nz
Bertram Lincoln: randb.lincoln@clear.net.nz
Jacob Poulain: not supplied

Rural Community Board members (four subdivisions)

Tutira (1 position)

Susan Maxwell: suemaxwell@xtra.co.nz

Kaweka (1 position)

Nicholas Dawson: nick.nicky@xtra.co.nz

Maraekakaho (1 position)

Peter Kay: pbkay@xtra.co.nz

Poukawa (1 position)

Michael Lester: mickandjanelester@gmail.com


































































































The nominations are also listed on the HDCpage on electionz.com

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To view the spreadsheet of expenses claimed from 2016 local authority elections click here
To view the 2016 Election Expenses Returns please see the below documents: