Cemeteries, crematorium & chapel

Hastings District Council operates four cemeteries at Orchard Road in Hastings, Havelock North, Mangaroa and Puketapu, a crematorium and a chapel for funerals.


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Burial & cremation register

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Application forms

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For all enquiries contact:
Phone    878 8255
Fax    878 8605
Email    cemetery@hdc.govt.nz

Hastings Cemetery, Crematorium & Chapel

Orchard Road, Hastings

Standard open hours

Monday to Friday   8am - 4.30pm

The facility will be closed for burials and cremations on the following days:

  •  New Year’s Day
  •  Anzac Day
  •  Good Friday
  •  Hawke’s Bay Anniversary
  •  Christmas Day.

After hours

After hours services and burials are available for an additional fee

Summer after hours:

  • Monday to Friday  4pm - 5pm
  • Saturday    8am to 5 pm
  • Sundays, public holidays  10am - 2pm.

Winter after hours:

  • Saturday    12noon - 5pm
  • Sundays, public holidays  10am - 2pm.

Note:  In winter Monday to Friday the last burial is at 3pm.

Chapel & Crematorium

The Chapel, is available for funerals prior to burial or cremation. Services are tailored to suit your family’s needs with the ability to play audio and visual presentations. Services can be recorded and relayed to the outside of the Chapel, if required.

The Chapel is booked in half hourly segments, is tastefully decorated and comfortably seats 70 people. Wheelchair access is available.

The Chapel and Crematorium building has been modernised recently. 

The Chapel’s attractive art deco frontage features roman numerals for 1944, the year the building was built.  Plans for the building were prepared by Davis and Phillips and the tender let to H.N Abbott.  The building cost £6,925 to build. The first cremation occurred on 15 December 1944. Since then, over 30,000 cremations have taken place.

Havelock North Cemetery

Corner of Lucknow Rd and Tanner St, Havelock North


Mangaroa Cemetery

Mangaroa Rd (off Maraekakaho Rd, four km south of Hastings)

Puketapu Cemetery

Vicarage Road, Puketapu



Pre-purchasing plots & memorials

You can pre-purchase a plot (grave) or cremation memorial at any of our cemeteries. There is a limit of one plot per purchaser.

The cost to pre-purchase includes burial rights and maintenance in perpetuity only.  It does not include the interment fee, which will be payable at the time of burial.

Cremation memorials and plots are also available at Hastings, Havelock North and Mangaroa cemeteries. As with full burial plots, the fee includes the cost of the plot and maintenance, but not the interment or placement of ashes.

Council reserves the right to restrict or stop the sale of reserve plots to ensure burial provision can be maintained.

Should a pre-purchase plot no longer be required, you may sell the plot back to Council at the original price paid.

To ensure that the cemeteries registers are kept up to date, anyone pre-purchasing a grave must contact the cemetery office with any change of address.

If a reserved plot is not used, or the pre-purchasers records are not updated 60 years after the date of the original purchase, the Right of Burial will return to Council (acting as burial authority) to enable the plot to be resold by Council.

New plots available

New burial plots are now available at all four cemeteries, with the option of two full interments in one plot. For baby graves, Hastings and Havelock North cemeteries have children’s memorial gardens. All burial areas, with the exception of the Muslim burial area at Mangaroa Cemetery, accept all religions and non-religious burials.

Graves can be re-opened on request for the burial of the next-of-kin or a person nominated by the holder of the Exclusive Right of Burial for the given plot.

All graves are dug by cemetery staff and presented funeral-ready. Putlogs and webbing (often referred to as sticks and straps) are provided for lowering the coffin.  If a lowering device (a mechanical means of lowering the coffin) is required, your funeral director will be able to supply this service.

Cremation memorial & burial of ashes provision

A number of options for ashes burial or placements are currently available at some or all of Council’s four cemeteries (see the fees and charges page for prices).  These are:

  • Cemetery shrub garden – suitable for up to two sets of ashes
  • Cemetery rose garden - suitable for up to six sets of ashes
  • Ashes headstone plot – suitable for up to four sets of ashes
  • Ashes kerb plot
  • Columbarium niche
  • Granite columbarium – suitable for up to two sets of ashes
  • Above ground ashes vault –suitable for up to two sets of ashes
  • Cremation burial plaques plot – suitable for up to two sets of ashes
  • Use of an existing grave

Where a loved one’s ashes have been scattered in the grounds or elsewhere, remembrance plaques are also available. These include:

  •  Memorial bench plaques
  • Granite memorial book plaque – only available at Hastings Cemetery

Organising your own cremation

While most funerals are arranged by a funeral director, this is not a legal requirement. If you wish to arrange a funeral there are a few legal requirements for the cremation to proceed at our Hawke's Bay Crematorium. 

Complete and bring with you the following forms:

  • Certificate of Medical Practitioner Cremation - this form is issued by the doctor who pronounces death. The doctor may charge for this service. If the deceased is subject to a post mortem then the coroners officers will liaise with the family directly
  •  Cremation Application 76 KB - this form must be completed in full by the applicant and then signed and witnessed by a third party who knows the applicant
  •  Cremation Booking Form 62 KB - this form must be completed by the applicant and confirmed by the Crematorium office
  •  Permission to Cremate 138 KB - the applicant must complete the details of the deceased (first 3 questions). Forms (1) to (4) inclusive must then be taken to a medical referee for signing Please note, the same doctor cannot sign the Certificate of Medical Practitioner Cremation and the Permission to Cremate form

You will also need to arrange the following:

  • A copy of photographic identification for the person to be invoiced for the cremation
  • A rigid, lined casket/coffin bearing the full name of the deceased. The coffin must be lined with a leak-proof membrane. The overall dimensions of the coffin must not exceed 800mm wide, 500mm deep and 2100mm long. Please note, if a coffin plaque is used this will not be returned as it will be cremated with the deceased
  • Transportation of the deceased to the Crematorium with two able-bodied people to assist with the transfer of the deceased from the vehicle to crematory
  • Written confirmation of the date and time for the return of ashes to the family. Ashes must be uplifted from the Crematorium office
  • A copy of photographic identification of the person approved to uplift the ashes. Please note, the deceased cannot be delivered to the crematory out of work hours. Overtime fees may apply to certain times and days

Medical referees

These local medical referees are able to sign the Permission to Cremate form.

A medical referee will not sign the Permission to Cremate form if all the forms are not correctly completed or if they have any cause to suspect wrongdoing.

All medical referees are working doctors so an appointment will be necessary to process the paperwork. 

While the cost of the medical referee signature is included in the Cremation Fee, the medical referee may charge for their time. 

Name Location


Dr Jones Hastings 06 8738522
Dr Bevin Napier 06 8432320
Dr Stephens Waipukurau 06 8587767