Civil Defence and Emergency Management

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Hastings District Council is involved in civil defence and emergency management in the Hastings District. Four staff work full time, responsible for rural fire, hazardous substances and civil defence operations.

Civil Defence is a nationwide network of central and local government agencies, community organisations and volunteers. Its purpose is to take care of the 'big picture' in the event of a disaster, not to provide every household with clean water, medical and food supplies.

That's why you should visit the Civil Defence website and see how you can prepare yourself and your family. If nothing else, make sure you have:

  • An evacuation plan for your family
  • A survival kit with enough food, water and medicine to survive for 3 days without leaving your house.

Fire Restrictions

  • The current fire status can be found HERE


Public Alerting System (The Stinger)

‚ÄčHastings district uses a mobile alerting system called THE STINGER and DOES NOT operate fixed sirens to alert people in emergencies. The system can only be used in emergencies with long lead in times, eg: far source Tsunami or slow impact river flooding. It cannot be used to warn for rapid onset events such as near source Tsunami, earthquakes or flash flooding.

More information on The Stinger can be found HERE

Top Ten Hazards

Find out more HERE

Useful links

  • Hawke's Bay Civil Defence Emergency Management Group website - - provides emergency information for the region in an event, as well as general hazard information and preparing for emergencies.
  • Visit the Civil Defence "Get Thru" website - - has information on preparing for an emergency and on natural hazards in New Zealand.
  • For students -
  • Hawke's Bay Regional Council
  • Maritime New Zealand - - has information relating to marine oil spills.
  • Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences (GNS) - - has information on the current status of volcanic activity and latest earthquake reports.
  • The Geonet Project - - monitors the latest information on geological hazards around New Zealand.
  • MetService - - has information on special weather warnings and atmospheric processes.


Contact the Emergency Management team at the Hastings District Council on phone (06) 871 5000 (24 hours) or email