Cape Coast Community Noticeboard - Specific Conditions Related to Use of Noticeboard

The Cape Coast Community Noticeboard was installed by the Hastings District Council in consultation with the Haumoana Community.

This license to occupy agreement is subject to the following conditions which relate to the control, use and nature of the community noticeboard.

  1. This agreement shall be undertaken in accordance with the plans and application submitted in the application (dated 10th September, 2010).
  2. Management of the noticeboard will be undertaken and controlled by Cape Coast Community Group1 in accordance with all conditions of this agreement.
  3. Those seeking to affix advertising notices on the ‘Cape Coast Community Noticeboard’ shall be subject to approval from the Cape Coast Community Group1. (Condition not currently active, feel free to erect advertising notices subject to meeting the following conditions).

  4. All advertising notices shall only consist of ‘community event type’ advertising and shall not include any commercial advertising2.
  5. All text shall have a minimum lettering height of 160mm.
  6. No reflective material or colours consisting of red, yellow or green that represent a traffic sign shall be used.
  7. No illuminated material or intermittent of flashing sources of light shall be used.
  8. All advertising notices shall be affixed within the noticeboard area which ensures no edges are protruded.
  9. All advertising notices shall be maintain to a high standard in terms of workmanship to ensure the visual amenities of the surrounding environment are maintained, to the satisfaction of the Group Manager, Planning and Regulatory Services, Hastings District Council.
  10. All advertising notice whether in part or in full shall not replicate or be confused with any official road sign to the satisfaction of the Group Manager, Asset Management, Hastings District Council.

Advisory Notes

  1. Cape Coast Community Group refers to a proposed community group formed from amalgamating three existing community groups in the Cape Coast Region; Walk on Water (WOW), Haumoana Rate Payers Associated and Te Awanga Progressive Association (TAPA). In the interim, and in the event of this group not being formed, the management of this noticeboard will be undertaken by Keith Newman, who is the current spokesperson for WOW.
  2. ‘Community Event Type’ Advertising refers to advertising that includes but not limited to; community fairs and meetings, local events including sport and recreational activities, expos, tourist attractions and information generally conveying public information. Commercial advertising is strictly prohibited unless written permission is gained from Hastings District Council c/o Environmental Consents Manager.


Cape Coast Community Group:


Reference: HDC Ref 9036-0009 (HDC Internal RPM Reference Code)