Camberley Community Plan


Is a small community in terms of residents and geography. It is an area recognised for its cultural diversity and its close-knit community spirit. Camberley has had two previous versions of a community plan 2003, 2008 and now 2016, which has helped achieve the following:
  • Local community centre built 
  • Bus shelters put up
  • Murals painted
  • 3 successful Camberley annual family events (CAFÉ)
  • Community clean ups and activities set up

In 2015 Camberley community members identified the need for a new Camberley plan. It was to be focused, achievable and most importantly, community led. The local C-Focus community planning team was then formed.  This team asked the Camberley residents what they wanted to achieve for their community, in what order it should happen, along with who will action and review the process. 

This has resulted in the development of the Camberley Community Plan 2016-2020.

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2015 Documents

Camberley 2015 (2010) (PDF 8.5MB)

Camberley Plan (2003)


For more information contact Community Development Advisor, Paddy Steffert, on phone (06) 871 5000 or email