Affected persons consent

Obtaining Approval of Affected Persons

The Resource Management Act does not specify who you must consult with when preparing a resource consent application. However, it is a good idea to identify and consult with all people who you think might be adversely affected by, or have some form of interest, in your proposal.

If you are applying for a resource consent, it can speed up the process if you identify, consult with and obtain the written approval all the people that you believe may be affected by your proposal. This should be done before submitting your resource consent application. The extent of your consultation, the response of those consulted and if obtained the written approvals should be detailed in your application and Assessment of Environment Effects
It is important that if you are getting the written approval of people you think might be affected, that you use the Hastings District Council Affected Persons Consent form (see below) and that they also sign the resource consent plans and assessment of environmental effects.  Affected persons approvals should be obtained from all of the registered land owners as well as the occupiers (lessees or tenants) of the land.

When Council's Environmental Consents team receive your resource consent application, they will make a decision on who is adversely affected, and check whether their approval for your proposal has been included with the application.  If not we will give you the opportunity to approach those people and ask for their approval to your proposal.  This is so that your application can be processed on a non-notified basis.

Please note that:

  • The final decision on who is adversely affected by your proposal, rests with the Council.
  • A person’s written approval that has conditions attached (such as “if ABC build me a new fence”) cannot be accepted

A proposal that might need approval from others could be:

  • You wish to erect a new building which is too close to the boundary (does not comply with the building setback standards in the District Plan), then it's likely that you will need to your neighbour's written approval

Approval of Affected Persons

The approval of the affected persons should be completed on the Affected Person's Consents form.

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